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Emmaljunga Super Viking

These are a few photos of the Emmaljunga Super Viking. This sturdy pushchair caught our eye with its parent facing upper carrycot, with the toddler seated behind. There seems to be good space for the toddler although they are parent facing. Each seat can hold a child up to 15kgs with a further 10kgs being carried in the basket. We loved the additional side baskets which can be added on to carry shopping or a picnic.

The Super Viking starts out as a single pushchair which can have a pushchair seat, or a carrycot, or a car seat on. The Go Double Adaptor is fitted along with a choice of second seat colour to form a tandem. In tandem mode the configurations are:
2 seats parent facing
1 carrycot on top parent facing, 1 seat underneath parent facing
Two car seats.
1 car seat with one seat unit.

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