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Joolz Geo at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2014

These are just a few photos of the Joolz Geo which were taken at the Harrogate Nursery Fair.

The Joolz Geo is a single to tandem pushchair which bears unmistakably Joolz elements such as the leatherette handle and bumper bar and the way the seat meets the chassis.

The Joolz Geo has an enormous basket in single mode with an ingenious system which lowers the rear of the basket for easy access.

The Joolz Geo has the option of a seat unit or carrycot in single mode, and then a second seat or carrycot can be added on for a seccond child, or to form a twin pushchair. The second seat / carrycot makes use of the same frame, onto which fabrics are attached for either the carrycot or the seat mode in the same way the iCandy Apple 2 Pear or Bugaboo pushchairs work.

However there is an issue with the lower seat – the seat only sits up from a flat recline at the waist, so that the legs of the child are laid out in front of them. A 6-12 month baby may be fine with this arrangement, but if the Geo is bought for twins, I can see it having a short life span. I would suggest that the lower child could easily kick the seat of the child above too. I do find the twin carrycot mode quite claustrophoic to be honest.

The fold is very ingenious and is a good selling point of this pushchair in double mode. The Joolz Geo folds with both seats on flat down to a neat package. It was impressive. However, as a single the fold is quite large – but the fold of the Joolz Day is not particularly small either.

The Joolz Geo is due out towards the end of 2014. It will cost £799 for a single Geo, £999 for a Duo Geo, or £1099 for a Twin Geo. The second seat / carrycot will be £300 on its own.

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