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Little Nipper by Out ‘n’ About at the Harrogate Nursery Fair

These are a few photos of the prototype Out ‘n’ About ‘Little Nipper’ which was shown at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2014.

The concept is that the offroad, sporty, Out ‘n’ About Nipper has been redesigned to make it appealing to an urban family. The Little Nipper has smaller 8″ EVA wheels, a flick out sun visor and a chunky footplate at the front.

The Little Nipper folds in a similar way to the Nipper but it can freestand when folded. The Little Nipper however does have a quick one handed fold. The small folded pushchair can easily be picked up by using the bumper bar as a handle.

The seat is a little different to the Nipper although the size and suspension are similar to the regular Nipper, so the push and ride should be great for both adult and child. The maximum load is 22kgs. The Little Nipper will share the same carrycot and car seat adaptors as the current Nipper 360 Single.

We love the bright colours of the Out ‘n’ About pushchairs especially this new turquoise colour which is unique to the Little Nipper. The Little Nipper will also come with a red or black hood. The seat fabrics will be black.

The Little Nipper should weigh in at around 8kgs including the bumper bar and basket, and will retail at around £249-79 depending on how it develops.

We look forward to seeing the finished Little Nipper on shop floors later this year.

With thanks to L for taking some of these photos.

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