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Mountain Buggy Nano

These photos are of the Mountain Buggy Nano. The Mountain Buggy Nano is an incredibly light (5.9kgs) and small folding stroller which is great for small cars, carrying up stairs, or travelling with.

The Mountain Buggy Nano forward faces. It has a toggle recline to a semi reclined position. The Mountain Buggy Nano can also have a car seat fitted using an ingenious elasticated toggle and belt system. The toggles are stored in a small pocket underneath the seat, and the belt is attached under the seat too.

The Mountain Buggy Nano unfolds easily using 2 hands, and folds just as easily to store. The Nano comes with a storage bag for travelling with. The most compact fold is achieved by removing 2 of the wheels. The fold is impressive and to be honest is at the core of this pushchair – it is all about the fold.

The Mountain Buggy Nano boasts a lift up calf rest, an easy to adjust harness, lockable swivel front wheels, an extending canopy, and a large basket.

The Mountain Buggy Nano has a huge seat, good leg length and is sturdy.

We have reviewed the Nano in depth here on Best Buggy. However please note that the mesh behind the rear of the seat does not have a cover – a recline child is open to the elements if a storm cover is not in use. The handle is also very low. We kept grabbing the rim of the hood instead of the handle and to be honest, we could see us breaking the hood.

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