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The Doona – the Next Generation Car Seat!

The Doona is absolutely AMAZING!!! Seriously impressive!

The Doona is a car seat with integrated wheels, so that it can easily flip from being a car seat, or even an on the ground rocker, into a stylish push along  mobility system for a baby.

The Doona has passed safety tests as both a car seat and also as a stroller. The system is all integrated so that the wheels fold away underneath the car seat, ready to simply flip out when you are ready to leave your car. The handle extends upwards, ready to push. When the Doona wheels are folded away, then the handle can be used both to carry the infant carrier, but also can be extended when on the floor, to enable easy rocking of a baby.

The Doona is also narrow enough to drive down the aisle of an aeroplane, and assuming you have paid for a seat for an infant, the car seat could be used on the flight too. The other advantage of a Doona, is that on arrival at an airport, you do not need to hire a car seat, plus you know your baby is safely strapped into a car seat which has passed stringent UK testing.  We have to say, we can think of several times where we would have appreciated a Doona.

The Doona also has a base onto which it sits in the car, wheels and all. Thus the Doona just needs clunking into position in the car. We believe this is an Isofix base from looking at our photos, but we do not know for certain. Please check before buying!

We like the attachable changing bag and the smaller parent console bag too. The hood is a good size and is thick fabric. There is a wedge included to make the seat flatter short term for a newborn, but this is not a lie flat seat.

We will be honest and say this amazing contraption has baffled me re where to put it on Best Buggy, but also how to describe it. Is it a travel system? Probably, but most people would expect a pushchair seat with a travel system. Is it a pushchair? Not really but yet it acts as most pushchair chassis’s do with a car seat on top. We are quite intrigued to know if there is descriptive name for such a vehicle! A rollable car seat maybe?

Whatever, the Doona is a superb concept, and it seems so easy to use.  It looks very smart and eye catching – simple and stylish. We could absolutely see us using this when our two were small. We have always been very car based, and thus over the years we used a variety of pushchair chassis’s to attach a car seat onto.

Whilst we welcome something so innovative and also something which is badly needed, we do have to voice our reservation is that parents may view the Doona as an option not to buy a carrycot / pram / lie flat option for their newborn, and simply use a Doona until their child was old enough to go into a 6 month+ buggy. Sadly, we see more and more people these days walking around with a baby in a car seat on a chassis, in a theme park or shopping centre where it is clear they have been for some hours. This does compromise on the airway of a baby, and over longer periods of time on how their internal organs and spine develop. I would hope that any good retailer who sells a Doona would ensure that the parents-to-be have another suitable option for their offspring to be wheeled around in, when they are out and about for a longer period of time.

The Doona has an RRP of £299.


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