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Baby Jogger City Lite

These photos are of the first UK Baby Jogger City Lite!

This stylish, smart lightweight pushchair, is eye catching and looks great!

There are just a few things we wish to highlight from these photos.

The Baby Jogger City Lite uses the classic Baby Jogger Quick Fold technology – there is the fold handle in the centre of the seat which needs a quick tug to collapse the pushchair. However, before you can do this on the City Lite, there is a small red button which releases the secondary lock for this mechanism. This needs pressing in before the fold handle can be pulled. (The photo before the two folded pushchair photos shows where this button is located down underneath the seat.) There is a robust fold lock.

There is both the usual Baby Jogger mesh pocket on the rear of the seat, but also a large pocket on the rear of the hood. The hood pocket was especially handy when the pushchair was reclined to put bits and pieces in. The hood is huge with two clear peekaboo windows. There is a generous sized basket.

The brake on the City Lite is on the rear right hand wheel. It is a step on and off pedal which depresses securely. It is very different to the usual Baby Jogger City Mini flick on and off brake. The wheels pop off using a button underneath the wheel sockets – red buttons. The front wheel has a tiny button to remove it.

The Baby Jogger City Lite has a 5 point, breakaway harness with shoulder pads.

The handle is foam covered unlike the usual rubber handles of the other Baby Jogger pushchairs. The hood clips on. Thus there are no accessory bracket sockets.
The seat fabric is removable, hence the zip around the wipe clean footrest.

We love that the Baby Jogger City Lite will easily freestand! Fab!

There are a couple of strange details on the City Lite. First of all on the handle are two abutments which look as if they should have something to slide onto them e.g. a console or cup holder. However there are no such accessories. Secondly, down the sides of the pushchair are blanking plates which cover what appear to be sockets for adaptors – similar to those found on the B-Agile and B-Motion for a car seat. However, there are no car seat adaptors available for the City Lite.

The children are aged 3 years 8 months old (96cms) and 5 years 6 months old (113.5cms) and the enormous City Lite seat has accommodated both very well. The boy’s feet are barely touching the footrest. The Baby Jogger City Lite has a HUGE seat!

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