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Baby Jogger City Select 2013

I own a baby jogger city mini single and had researched and been recommended the City Select.
I purchased the tandem unit and it arrived yesterday in Ruby Red.

I am returning this pushchair to the retailer for a number of reasons:
It is SO heavy with one child sat in the front/lower seat unit that I COULD NOT lift the pushchair even an inch off the ground so for example if going up a kerb.
It is VERY long in length (you might become acclimatised to this in time)
It feels quite “heavy” to push even in single mode.

I am disappointed as the good points are:
The colour way looks GREAT!
It has LOTS of really good points such as a handle to raise and lower the seat for child to sit up or lay back – I like this feature in comparison to the city mini where it is a toggle adjuster
Adjustable foot rest
Roomy seats where a toddler looks comfy and not squashed up
Adjustable handle
Foods easily and very flat
GREAT value price
Etc etc

So, although this pushchair combo was far too heavy and long for me to feel happy with it, it does have lots of good features to it so my advice is :

Make SURE you test this out in person WITH a child in the pushchair

Hopefully other people will have a bit more success as this push chair is raved about and as I say has lots of good features but I just didn’t feel I would be able to manoeuvre the pushchair easily and without stress (I had expected extra weight as it is a double after all but just not that much)

*Best Buggy Edit* Please see our ‘side by side comparison’ photos with the City Select in them. The length is comparable to other tandems and is shorter than many.

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