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Babystyle Oyster2 with Ride On Board

These photos show the fabulous Babystyle Oyster Ride on Board.
We say fabulous, because this is the only pushchair board which we have enjoyed using. We have not had to walk like a duck, or walk to the side. We haven’t constantly kicked the board. It has not been frustrating in any way. The Ride on Board has even been a joy to fold up when not required, and the Oyster2 (pictured) will even fold with the Ride on Board still attached.

The Babystyle Oyster Ride on Board was a little tricky to fit because the clips had to fit between two bars at the rear of the pushchair. However the clips were easy to undo, and to do up again; and we had the board fitted within minutes.

We LOVE how the board folds up when not in use. Each side of the board has small squeeze in stoppers on either side so that with a small push the board can be pushed behind the chassis where it holds firm. The board needs simply pulling back down again to use. Easy but very effectively. When the seat is parent facing, if the footrest is in the downwards position, we did have to lift the seat footrest up and down.

There is plenty of space for a child to stand between the handle and the pushchair seat facing in either direction. The Oyster 2 with the board attached was easy to push. We did however ask our child to hop off when we reached a kerb, but this may not actually be necessary.

We would absolutely recommend the Oyster2 with the Ride on Board as a great combination. We have tried the Ride on Board previously on an Oyster Max, and we found this to work very well too.

With thanks to Babystyle for their help with this review.

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