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Easy X Rider Board Review by Rosie

The Easy X Rider is an absolutely brilliant design.

I experienced great customer service when trying to determine whether the easy x rider was suitable for my pushchair. It comes with a number of different adaptors to allow for it to fit a wide range of different models. I personally had a Mamas & Papas Sola and it did fit this model.

The instructions are pretty good (I managed to put it together and fit it myself!) although i did need to re-read some bits a few times.

The seat is easy to take on/off and to change between a stand on board and the seat unit. The seat has a lap strap which was enough to keep my 2 year old safe from running away and falling off.  I think a new version has just been released with a 3 point safety harness and slightly bigger seat which is worth looking out for (not that my son found the seat too small and he is 98th centile).

The stability of the board is amazing! I wheeled around at normal speed, up/down curbs, turned sharp corners, etc, etc and the board just follows the path of the pram no unstable wobbles. It reminds me of a train carriage. It has really impressed me as this was the thing I was most worried about. This is however dependent on getting the right height when setting it up, as my friend tried my easy x rider out on her pushchair without making any adjustments and it tipped quite a bit when going up/down curbs and stopping suddenly. I really have never experienced this though.

The flashing wheels are fabulous. Really bright and colourful. My son loves them and he pretends to be a “nee nah”. They are a great fun addition for getting a toddler who is being kicked out of their pram, to get excited about their new wheels.

As you can tell, I love this board and struggle to fault it . It has exceeded my expectations and although it is expensive (I paid £85) compared to other similar alternatives  it is very reasonable.

However…. I only used mine for 3 months! Why? For two reasons, both of which are more general buggy board niggles than problems with the easy x rider:

1) On my particular pushchair, I have to walk either to the side of the pram or lean uncomfortably over and walk with small steps to avoid kicking it. I have to admit this did drive me completely crazy! Having tried my friends standard buggy board I did find exactly the same problem so I concluded that a buggy board with my particular pushchair was just not an option for me. I think some people are ok with this and others are not. I also think it depends on the pushchair, if you have one with a lot of space and/or a telescope extending handle then it might be a bit better.

2) After using the board for 2 months the really cold weather kicked in and my son (only just 2 at this point) complained about being cold. I think he felt a bit too exposed. Also relevant to this point is that the easy x ride is not covered by a rain cover. This of course is relevant to all buggy boards so again it depends on the toddler and the weather! To be honest they are less exposed on the easy x rider than a standard buggy board.

So unfortunately because of these two points I don’t use my easy x rider and wouldn’t buy it again but nor would I buy any buggy board. If you are a buggy board kind of mum and have a young toddler then I would definitely recommend the easy x rider !

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