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Mee-Go Glide, Inspire & Pramette at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2014

The Mee-Go brand is a very exciting one.
Mee-Go have impressed me with their ethos and approach to their product development. They try very hard to produce good quality products, which work well for parents. They spend time developing their products well, and then they go the extra mile to make sure that the details are right. Once in production, Mee-Go keep on developing their products, and if they make something better, then they will change the future spec.

One of the huge advantages of buying a Mee-Go pushchair, is that they are sold as a complete travel system package – so that you also get with the pushchair a 0+ infant car seat with adaptors; the carrycot (not on the Pramette); harness pads and apron; a cosy toes with detachable top which becomes a liner; a raincover;  mattress and a ‘Mamabag’ changing bag with an organic cotton changing mat and a thermal pocket for a bottle.  All the hoods have been certified to offer SPF50 sun protection. These make the Mee-Go products (RRPs between £499 -£599) amazing value for money.

We saw the Mee-Go Pramette last year and were impressed. The Pramette is a very lightweight (just 8kgs) from birth pushchair. As the name implies, the seat converts into a ‘carrycot’ pramette for a newborn baby. When the baby is old enough, the excess fabric gets clipped up very simply, and the Pramette becomes the seat unit once again.  There is a choice of colour pack for the pushchair – red, green, blue, purple or black. The seat faces in both directions. The Pramette is very easy to fold and unfold on an amazing sprung loaded chassis. The Pramette is compact when folded. The Mee-Go Pramette has an RRP for £499 for the whole package which is excellent value.

The Mee-Go Glide (in the centre and right of these photos) is a beautiful looking pushchair with a polished aluminum chassis. The Mee-Go Glide comes in three colours – red, purple and black. The Glide seat is reversible. It folds with the seat on forward facing into a neat freestanding package which importantly, has the handle off the ground to protect it. The handlebar itself is covered in leatherette. However Mee-Go have cleverly zipped the cover on, so that if the buyer prefers a foam handle, then the cover can be easily zipped off. The Glide has a triple bearing system on its front wheels and double bearings on the rear wheels. This means that the front wheels are super strong, and can bear being bashed going down kerbs, or any other trials you wish to try your Mee-Go Glide out on! The Glide package will retail at £599 including the car seat, carrycot and all the rest of the accessories.

The Mee-Go Inspire (top left hand corner) will turn heads with its elegant swan like design. The Mee-Go Inspire will take a carrycot from newborn, and then the separate seat unit fits on once the baby reaches 6 months of age. The seat unit fits around the stem of the Inspire and, comes with a split leg cosy toes to keep little feet snuggly and warm. The Inspire comes in blue and a denim black fabric. It is extremely light weight – just over 6kgs. Once again, the Mee-Go Inspire package includes a 0+ infant carrier seat and a Mamabag.

Mee-Go also do an Iso-fix car seat base for their car seats. This is suitable for both 0+ and Group 1 Mee-Go car seats. The base has an RRP of £99. A 0+ infant carrier is £99 and a 0+/1 car seat will be £149. Car seats can both rear and forward face as appropriate on the Isofix base.
Adaptors are also available separately for Maxi Cosi, Be Safe and Cybex car seats, if required (RRP £29.99)

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