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Micralite Twofold Review

I live in the city , flats with no lift and I do lots of day trips via bus/ train with LO. So was initially looking for a lightweight buggy with lots of travel options that would be fairly slim and good on public transport.

The Micralite Twofold is a nice idea, you don’t have to buy a separate buggy board and it gives options of standing and sitting for the second child. My toddler is likely and has run away and at times refused to get on the board so I’m happy for the seat option.

As a single buggy it’s lovely and light to push. Corners, buses on and off are great.
It’s very easy to adapt it from a single seat to a maxi cosi to a carry cot.
The rain cover is easy to attach and nice and bright.
The option of an additional shopping bag is a great idea.

It also folds small and is easy to drag up stairs folded.

Cons ( mainly when folded out)

Handles bars move out of place when you mount a high curb, get down from the back doors of a bus or if there is a step from the train. Have to re tighten handlebars after.

Second seat will not hold toddlers head when she falls asleep. Head is bowing in front. I’ve just purchased a travel head pillow, which I will carry with me in case she needs a nap.

When I’ve bumped into a wall or obstacle my LO hits her head on the metal bars in the structure of the buggy.

It’s not brilliant when reversing out of shop doors. I have to do a 3 point turn to get out

When crossing the road with twofold completely out I have to stop in the road by the curb and lever it up onto the curb. This will take some getting used to as usually to cross any road it’s one fluid movement to lift onto the curb.

Not really an off road buggy, not brilliant across grass.
Apart from these cons it is a nice buggy and I will just have to get used to the cons.

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