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Behind the Scenes of a Best Buggy Pushchair Review.

This week has been a busy one!

I finished a review off this week, which is always an achievement.
Our reviews have a large amount of processes behind them:

  • First of all the fun part is unpacking and exploring a new pushchair. However this is not always fun, and can be frustrating if parts don’t fit easily, or they stick, or you can’t work something out!
  • We usually try and photograph the pushchair next whilst it is still new looking! However, the weather, children, meetings, the sun or a car in the wrong position can all foil attempts to do this! Thankfully the weather is much better now, but through the winter it can be a battle with losing light, and the weather to get photosets completed. At this time of year a cloudy day is better than a sunny one to avoid deep shadows, or even our shadows on the photos.
  • Then it is more fun as we finally get to try the pushchair out. Sometimes, we can’t wait for the right conditions for the photoshoot, and we get the pushchair out and about and take the photos later. We try to aim to try the pushchair out in real life for a minimum of a month. We try to get a range of photos, however, its can be a bit embarrassing to stand in the middle of a shop or public place taking photos of your pushchair! We take notes to remind us later. Sometimes first impression reviews are really useful, especially for a pushchair which is really new or exciting. It gives people a flavour of a pushchair whilst we test it out thoroughly. Also, you can find that as time goes on, you forget something which surprised you at the start. Ideally we like to have a pushchair for longer, and to be able to revisit and re-review a pushchair if we are able to.
  • The process of uploading photos – we may have well over a 1000 photos per photoset plus out and about photos – can take a while. The photos all need thumbnailing to reduce their size, and then they all need sorting into shape and pushchair position ready for watermarking. We aim to have our watermark over the wheels or lower part of the pushchair when possible. We then have to sort them into type of photo e.g. outing or photoset. We then have to decide which photos to use for the photoset and review, and maybe even for extra photosets. The photos need renaming and then uploading. Even once they arrive on Best Buggy, we still have to reorder them to suit! This part is a very long process.
  • Finally, we can start writing. We usually need to produce a statistics page for a new pushchair, or update details on an old one.
  • We then can write the review! Sometimes a review can just flow and it is done within a few days, but at other times it can be a slow process across several months. Unfortunately reviews involve sitting down at my desk with time to think, which is difficult when the children need attention – and the children absolutely come first. In the old days, they used to sit next to me on my desk with toys. However Best Buggy fits around them, and these days I usually start work once they have gone to bed. In the past, I have been known to write until the wee small hours if things are flowing well.
  • Reviews and photos get checked and rechecked. The Best Buggy Focus Group are fab for reading reviews and commenting. Reviews need to be impartial, and to look all the way around any positives and negatives to see what someone from the other side would say. We don’t always agree, but everyone’s opinion is valid. We agree a star rating for the pushchair.
  • The review is released and promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.


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