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Phil&Teds Verve and Vibe 2014

The Phil&Teds Verve (4 wheels) and Vibe (3 wheels) have both been overhauled for 2014.

The pushchair is now lighter; the fold is more compact, the carrycot is deeper and more spacious and the fabric set is more plush! The seat is now larger and will fit a child up to 6 years of age.
Best of all, the doubles kit can now parent face, so that you can chat to your baby, or even your toddler (up to 15kgs), as you walk along.

There are now a total of 23 riding options for one or two children, which take into account the use of the doubles kit, and a Freerider for a toddler. There is also a option to carry 2 newborns in two infant carriers.

There are new colours – Cherry, Cobalt and Black.

The two pushchairs now have common spare parts.

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