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Babyzen YoYo – 20 month Review!

Our Babyzen YoYo is now the longest serving pushchair here at Best Buggy HQ.
Pushchairs don’t stay here at BBHQ unless they are good!!

We have had our trusty Babyzen YoYo now for over 20 months. In that time, it has been all over the UK with us. It is the pushchair which is nearly always in the boot of the car, even if we have a bigger pushchair with us. Our Babyzen YoYo was an imported pushchair and thus has slightly different seat fabric to the UK Babyzen’s. Interestingly, Which? also tested an imported Babyzen YoYo which we believe failed their tests in their lab. However, back in the real world, our Babyzen YoYo has had the best part of 2 years use, across all sorts of terrain, with two heavier children on board, and it is still going strong. Our seat and basket fabrics are showing some signs of wear, but that is to be expected at this stage, but it is no bother. We will continue to use it until the YoYo is no longer needed. Master BB is currently 3 years 10 months old and is 96cms tall.

Why has the Babyzen YoYo lasted here at BBHQ so long?

The Babyzen YoYo is a pushchair which you think you don’t need, but once you get one, you will wonder how you ever did without it! It is so neat folding, that it can easily sit quietly in the boot of the car alongside another pushchair. Or it will fit in the footwell of the car when the boot is full. It can be slung over a shoulder ‘just in case’ or equally can be used for an outing and then folded up and slung over a shoulder if not required. It is quick and easy to fold one handed to get onto a bus, whilst being able to keep hold of the toddler!

The Babyzen YoYo comes into its own in small spaces – in a busy restaurant it will simply slide underneath your chair, or the table. At the theatre it can be folded and tucked under a chair. On the London Eye it could be tucked under the central seat. On a bus or train, the YoYo could be folded up and tucked between the seats, or in the luggage rack. We haven’t yet taken the YoYo on a plane, but there is a good chance that it will get a flight in the overhead locker, later this year.

The YoYo is fabulous if you are very car based. There are numerous times where we just need to nip into a shop or the doctors or somewhere else quickly, and the YoYo is so easy to fling open to run in and out. We do tend to use a bigger pushchair for a day trip, but that is probably due to us taking the kitchen sink with us on any given outing, rather than anything else.

We LOVE the Babyzen YoYo!

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