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Dooky Buggy Bar – Turns a 2 Handled Pushchair into a 1 Handed Push!

The Dooky Buggy Bar is a nifty piece of pushchair equipment. For anyone who has struggled to push a two handled stroller one handed, the Dooky Buggy Bar can make outings a whole lot easier.

This small bar, can be fitted to link two handles together, on any two handled pushchair. The Dooky bar can then be used to easily push the buggy, with just one hand on the bar, between the two handles.

Having the Dooky bar fitted to our buggy, meant that we could hold our toddlers hand when necessary, or we could carry a shopping bag in one hand and control the buggy with the other hand. It even meant that Mr BB could have his morning Latte whilst pushing with the other hand.

The Dooky Buggy Bar works in several ways. The bar itself has two joints – these can each be unscrewed. This gives width adjustability to fill a small gap, or a large gap between the handlebars.

The ends of the bar can be rotated round in order to find the best position to be secured onto the pushchair handle. Note that the Dooky Buggy Bar has been placed in two different positions, in the photos above, on the Babystyle IMP buggy (the red one). The Dooky Buggy Bar has been placed low down between the parallel handles, but also high up, where the handles turn inwards. Having the angle adjustability enabled the Dooky Buggy Bar to be fitted on these different handlebars.

The Dooky Buggy Bar, also has straps on each end. These wrap around the handlebar, and are tightened to fit, before being secured underneath using an easy to flick on / off closure. When the bar was first fitted, there was still some flexibility between the bar and the handles. However, once we started to push, the bar became solid and felt good to push.

We were a little concerned that the plastic of the Dooky Buggy Bar would cut into the foam or leatherette of our buggy handles. However there is no mark on either pushchair to date, from where the Dooky Buggy Bar has been fitted. There is a small amount of padding inside the Buggy Bar to protect the handles of a pushchair.

We tried having the Dooky Buggy Bar on in various positions on our pushchairs. When the bar was high or in the middle, the buggy was great to push. We found it easier to push and steer one handed using the bar. However, it was useful to still have the two handled option if necessary. It was also handy to have somewhere extra to hold when coats etc. were on the handlebars! When the bar was down low we found it was strangely quite comfortable pushing with low down straight arms – it was more comfortable than a mid way position with bent arms! However the steering was more difficult when the bar was low down, and we tended to revert back to using the handles to corner.

The one negative about the Dooky Buggy Bar is that it needs removing for folding. If your pushchair is left permanently open then this will be no issue.
Sometimes it has been possible to remove the Dooky Buggy Bar leaving the side straps in a loop, ready to be tightened. At other times it has been necessary to undo the straps. It is easy to push the strap back through the closure to refit the Dooky Buggy Bar. However, having to refit the Dooky bar does take a few moments.

If you think you have need of a Dooky Buggy Bar, you will love it, and wonder how you managed without it!

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