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Hamster Bags

Hamster Bags are fabulous. It took me a while to buy some, but I wish I had bought them earlier.

Hamster Bags come in pairs – one for each side of the pushchair. They arrive in tiny pouches. When undone, they become large tear shaped bags which fit along the side of the pushchair chassis. There are three attachment points. Two of these are straps with a buckle on. The third is attached to the bag. The first two attachment points are wrapped around the pushchair chassis, ideally in a place where they won’t slide down. The Hamster bag then clips onto each buckle. The third attachment point buckle is then wrapped around the top of the chassis, or the handlebar to keep the bag secure.

Hamster Bags have one large compartment which closes with a double ended zip. There is also one small outer pocket which is zipped, and a mesh inner pocket which is useful for securing smaller items so that they don’t slide down the bag.

Hamster Bags look small, but it is amazing how much can be fitted into them. We can fit a Skip Hop lunchbag inside a Hamster bag for example. I used to do my supermarket shopping with a Mountain Buggy +One each week. Between the pushchair, and the Hamster Bags, I could get a small trolley full of groceries home, along with a child!

Hamster Bags have been very useful at theme parks. We usually load one up with our valuables, so that when we go onto a ride, we can simply detach the Hamster Bag, and sling it over our shoulder using the useful carrying strap. They are easy to attach back on again after the ride. They even fit well on the Babyzen YoYo. We used them on the YoYo for a day at a theme park which involved a cable car ride where pushchairs weren’t usually allowed on board. Having the Hamster bags enabled us to carry everything we needed – raincoats, swimming kit, packed lunch, changing stuff etc. on this tiny folding pushchair.

It is possible to buy spare attachment straps, so that Hamster Bags can be transferred easily from one pushchair to another.

Highly recommended.

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