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Baby Jogger City Mini 4 Wheel Review

I bought the Baby Jogger City Mini 4 wheel on the recommendation of this site and I haven’t been disappointed.  I was worried about the sturdiness of a 3 wheeler so I went for the City Mini 4 wheel version instead and can confirm it is indeed very sturdy.  It maneouvres nicely, the seat is well ventilated and the long hood gives plenty of protection from the elements.  I don’t drive so use it daily to get on and off buses, for long walks etc yet you can hardly tell I’ve had it for several months now.

The City Mini 4 seat seems pretty comfortable, my baby takes her daytime naps in it and because it’s fairly roomy, she sleeps well and better than in her previous pram.  Its folding mechanism is totally amazing and, when you purchase the additional belly bar, it’s free standing – it is an exceptionally ‘neat’ buggy that looks pretty roomy yet folds up to nothing.

There are a couple of very slight annoyances with it (but I’d emphasise these are slight – if I had the opportunity to buy another pram, I’d still buy another Baby Jogger City Mini 4) – getting your shopping in and out of the basket is awkward if you’re trying not to wake a sleeping baby. You have to be really very careful indeed if you’re hanging a bag on the handle bars (the bag needs to fall below the sleeping position else the baby would get banged around badly) – the manufacturers are very explicit that you’re not meant to do this, and I can completely see why, but who wants to carry their change bag around on their shoulders? Finally, the raincover and the belly bar are extra purchases, which bumps the price up a bit.

Still the City Mini 4 is definitely worth the purchase.  Would highly recommend.

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