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Baby Jogger City Mini GT single 2014 by Nicky

Hi, I’m Nicky from the Netherlands and I wanted to post my review here since this website was a huge help for me in my search for the (in my opinion) perfect stroller. Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes in this review!

So after owning a lot (and yes, that really means A LOT!) of strollers since my oldest was born 10 years ago and never using it for a long time because it simply didn’t “fit me”, I finally have the feeling that my new stroller, a Baby Jogger City Mini GT, is “the one” for me.

I purchased it online at a Dutch Ebay-like site from a woman who only used it once. So basically it was brand new!

Yesterday afternoon my BJCMGT arrived in its original cardboard box. Once in my livingroom it was out of the box in no-time! And assembling it was so easy and quick. The wheels just click on to the chassis, that’s it. And after opening the transport lock, the GT almost unfolded by itself. So smooth and easy to use! And after a test drive I knew I finally found what I was looking for in a stroller.

I love how Baby Jogger has eye for details. They don’t just put a stroller together. No. They build it. It looks unbreakable to me! And the seat is strong and has a lovely padding in it. The seat really is huge, even my 5 year old son can sit in it comfortably. The harness is easy to adjust, although the harnessess on my BJCM double (2007 model) were easier to adjust and also easier to open and close. The huge storage basket underneath is a big pro for me as most strollers sold here have these little “things” (wannabe shopping baskets) in all kinds of forms and shapes that look nice but barely hold a hand bag…

Also I love the forever air wheels, the huge hood with peek-a-boo windows, the mesh pocket on the back of the seat, the nearly horizontal recline, the adjustable handlebar, how manoeuverable but very stable it is, the handbrake (no more searching the back of your stroller with your foot!) and the variety of accessories available. The GT really is suitable from birth to 5 years!

I will definitely be buying the snack tray, parent console and footmuff soon. And, if required, a rain cover. But the hood together with the footmuff should keep my little one snug and dry.

In conclusion, all I can say is: this is my number one stroller and I can recommend it to everyone!

Best Buggy: Thanks very much Nicky for this fab review. We hope you enjoy using your pushchair.

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