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Baby Jogger City Mini Zip v’s Baby Jogger City Mini 3

This photoset is of the Baby Jogger City Mini Zip side by side with a Baby Jogger City Mini 3.

These photos are mainly for side comparison.

Both pushchairs have generous seats.
The boy is 98cms tall (4 years 1 month – the size of a typical 3 year old).
The girl is 116cms tall (5 years 10 months tall).

Both pushchairs have a lie flat, toggle recline seat. The Zip has the benefit of a calf rest. The City Mini 3 seat is a little taller (1.5cms), but the hood rim is higher on the City Mini Zip. The other seat measurements, including knee to footrest are nearly identical.

One of the biggest differences is the harness – the City Mini 3 has a fully adjustable height harness. The City Mini Zip has a fixed height harness.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Zip is all about the amazingly small fold. The City Mini Zip folds to approx half the width of the City Mini 3. When the fabric is fully squashed flat, there is barely any difference in the width of these two pushchairs Рthe official stats say the Zip is 1cm deeper when folded at a teeeny 26cms deep. The Zip is a little shorter at 75cms wide  (3.5cms shorter than the City Mini 3), but the width is a little over half of that of the City Mini 3 Рjust a tiny 31.8cms wide compared to the 61cms width of the City Mini 3. Bear in mind that a Baby Jogger City Mini 4 has a very similar fold size to the 3.
I must stress that our City Mini Zip shows no sign of compromise in push, feel, sturdiness etc. for the compact fold. The main compromise is that the basket of the Zip is not quite as accessible. The Zip involves pressing a button before folding too.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Zip weighs 7.3kgs. The City Mini 3 weighs 7.6kgs. The City Mini 4, weighs 9.2kgs.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Zip is very comparable in size to the Quinny Zapp. However we have no doubt that the City Mini Zip has far more to offer than the Quinny Zapp in terms of features, push, wheels, storage space, recline, child comfort, large hood, higher handlebars etc.

With many thanks to the lovely people at Direct2Mum, who kindly welcomed us into their showroom to take these photos.

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