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Easywalker Mosey

This photoset is of the fantastic Easywalker Mosey.

The Easywalker Mosey is a sturdy, all terrain pushchair with a reversible seat. However, the Easywalker Mosey, is narrow and nimble on its swivel wheels, and thus is great about town.

The Easywalker Mosey can be folded with the seat left on facing in either direction. It can also be folded with the carrycot left in situ too. The carrycot can also be folded flat simply by pulling a cord!

Best Buggy thinks the Easywalker Mosey is an amazing pushchair. It ticks all our boxes. We have awarded it a Best Buggy 5 Gold Star Rating.

Our an initial “Opening the box” review of the Easywalker Mosey is here and our full review of the Easywalker Mosey will be found here on Best Buggy.

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