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Easywalker Mosey Review by Best Buggy

It is rare here at Best Buggy HQ to find a pushchair which ticks all our criteria for a good pushchair. However, the Easywalker Mosey ticks all our boxes and is one of the best pushchairs we have ever used here at BBHQ.

The Mosey has evolved from the house of Easywalker, via the June, and the MINI Stroller. We love that Easywalker have continued this evolution, until they finally created perfection in the form of the Mosey.

We had liked the June. We loved the MINI Stroller even more. However, the Mosey promised to be even better. We were not disappointed.
It took Mr BB and I, five hours to savour discovering the new chassis, the new easy to use seat, and the revolutionary folding carrycot. We wrote our ‘Opening the Box Review’ here.

We suggest you read that initial review before continuing with this review, because it explains the mechanisms and details well. We hope here to fill out the remaining gaps, and tell you how we feel about the Mosey, after living with the pushchair for several months since that initial review.

In a nutshell, over the following months, the Easywalker Mosey exceeded all expectations!

Why do we like the Easywalker Mosey so much?

The Easywalker Mosey is a really easy to live with, simple to use, every day pushchair.
If you are a pramaholic – be warned, the Mosey is the cure!

The Easywalker Mosey has the perfect combination of a small, neat, sturdy chassis; with decent sized wheels; a good basket; a compact fold which will freestand; a fantastic extending handlebar range; a large seat with lift up calf rest which is suitable from birth to a huge 20 kgs; a swing away bumper bar; all with the quality and style to match.

The Mosey will be as happy being pushed on pavements, or a shopping mall as it is being pushed across a park or along a rough track. We thought we would miss the small air tyres of the MINI Stroller, but to be honest, we haven’t been in an every day situation where we have needed them. Instead you have hard non puncture, foam filled, hard rubber wheels. We have been off road, across grass, down steps and across rough and bumpy surfaces. The Mosey has admirably dealt with all the situations, where we have taken a pushchair.
The Mosey is an easy one handed push and steer around shops, or in tight spaces. It is neat and nippy. We love how narrow the Mosey is. The Mosey will slide down gaps which other pushchairs can not fit. In a tight space, like a lift, the handlebar can be moved right down to the lowest point to give more room.

The Easywalker Mosey is refined to make everything straightforward to use. The Mosey is simple to open, and easy to fold one handed. It is no problem to change the seat around. These are big changes from the older clunky June and MINI Stroller which both had the most awkward seat removal ever! The chassis’ may look similar, but there is really little comparison function wise.

The Mosey is simple to get up and down kerbs with the seat in either direction, even with a heavy child on board. If anything the Mosey is weighted to make it easier to tip the pushchair up a kerb when the seat is rear facing, than forward facing (forward facing is fine). I admit I am sat here looking through a thesaurus for alternative words for “easy” and “simple”, but they are the two best words which describe using the Mosey.

We put the Mosey side by side next to similar small quality strollers – the Bugaboo Bee3; the iCandy Raspberry and the Stokke Scoot 2014. It was very noticable with these 4 pushchairs all side by side, how easy to use the Mosey and Raspberry were to use compared to the other two. This is not something that can be seen in the photos, but believe us, there was quite a difference in ease of use. Not unsurprisingly the Mosey and Raspberry are the two which still remain at BBHQ. The other two are long gone.

The Mosey has a lovely flat one handed fold which will fit in even fairly small car boots. The Mosey is easy enough to use to throw in and out of the car for a school run, 3 times a day, without becoming being annoying. It will slide neatly into a gap at home (and even smaller gaps if you remove the easy to pop off wheels). The Mosey will freestand when the pushchair is folded with the seat is forward facing. We love the fold lock – it makes life easier!

The Mosey is stylish and good quality – the fabrics are beautiful and hard wearing. Easywalker always make pushchairs which feel great quality. There’s no wobble or lean, as you turn corners with the Mosey. It is solid and feels great to push.

We love the large hood, which keeps extending! There is the main canopy with two sections, plus a zip out section at the rear, and also a flick out visor. We love that we can also slide the hood up and down, to ensure the best coverage for our child – low to be snuggly when it is cold or higher to give more shade from the sun. We love that a baby can be fully covered to nap, but a toddler can have the hood tucked away behind the seat, out of the way, for all round vision.

We LOVE the chunky Easywalker buckle and sturdy harness. The harness has been simple to alter and has plenty of length and adjustability to it – it can be adjusted fit a tiny baby, as well as a large toddler. We like that the harness pads run freely down the harness instead of being stitched at the top like the June and MINI stroller.

The seat is very tall, although a little shallow. It is 7.5cms shallower than the MINI Stroller seat, and we can see the difference. However, there is plenty of room for Master BB aged 4 and a half (98cms tall). The Mosey has a huge 20kgs weight limit, and is an attractive option for those who have a child with special needs, who may need a pushchair for longer. So some extra depth would be a benefit. We feel the seat needs a liner or a footmuff in the seat, and we have have noticed that the new MINI Strollers that have just been released, do have liners in as standard. Some people may say the seat looks narrow, but the sides stretch and move, and we think it is all a bit of an illusion. The new lift up calf rest has been useful when Master BB has fallen asleep for leg support.

There is a great inbuilt swing away bumper, thus is attached to the seat whether forward or reverse facing. It can be removed if required. The release buttons are not the easiest to locate, but you get used to them!

The basket is a good size. It is not huge, but we have been able to get plenty into our basket for day trips out. There is sufficient for what we need, and any extra goes on the bag clips on the handlebar. Our only niggle with the Mosey is that the velcro on the rear of the basket is not very strong, and we did find it came unstuck unexpectedly which was a bit of a pain at times.

There is a raincover is included in the UK Mosey packages, however we have not had one to try. However, we like the design for the feet of older children who need to use the footrest.

We have had an Easywalker Mosey footmuff. This is much, much larger than the old June footmuff. Our son fits into the Mosey with plenty of room to spare. He didn’t fit into the June one when he was much smaller. We LOVE the quality of the Mosey footmuff. We love the furry interior, and the hard wearing outer. We like that the footmuff can be folded down over the bumper bar if desired to hold it in place, or it can be zipped right up to the child’s nose! Master BB certainly loved being snuggled up.


We have also had had a good opportunity to look at the Easywalker Mosey carrycot. This revolutionary carrycot can be folded on the pushchair chassis. It can be folded with the carrycot erected, or the carrycot can be easily folded flat still on the chassis. As we described there are two plastic oval shaped pull cords built into the carrycot. When one is pulled the carrycot becomes firm and upright. When the other oval shape is pulled, the carrycot folds flat. These cords must be pulled straight outwards (not downwards) to enable this to happen. The carrycot can also be removed from the chassis when folding by pulling on the handle at the head end of the carrycot. There are chunky plastic feet to the carrycot for placing it onto the floor.
The carrycot fits onto the chassis using a square-ish block. This drops easily into the centre of the chassis. The carrycot, very simply sits on top. The block is super easy to remove.
The carrycot is suitable until the baby is 6 months old (9kgs). Easywalker say that the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping.

Travel System

The Easywalker Mosey can be used as a travel system with the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix; Maxi Cosi Pebble; Cybex Aton; BeSafe IziGo; Nuna Pipa; Kiddy Evolution Pro infant carriers. We believe the lie flat Kiddy Evo-Lunafix has been safety approved for use, however we are checking this out, so please check too before buying.

As we said at the start, there is a lot more detail about the mechanics of how everything functions in the ‘Opening the Box Review’, if you would like to know more.

In Conclusion

The tagline for the Best Buggy website is “searching for the perfect pushchair”. The Easywalker Mosey is the Best Buggy perfect pushchair. The Mosey is difficult to fault at all.
The Mosey is very easy to use. It looks great. The quality is superb. As stated at the start, it ticks all our boxes for what we need from a top pushchair. It offers a lie flat and bolt upright seat with reclines in between. It has a beautiful carrycot and car seat options. Above all the Mosey is practical. It works well in every day life, and with young children, you need a pushchair that will work in any situation – whether its shopping, visiting the farm or playground, eating out, travelling by public transport, or going on holiday. This may sound daft, but it has been harder to write a review about a pushchair that is so perfect, compared to one where there are lots of issues to talk about. Take the relative brevity of this review, as a compliment to the wonderful Easywalker Mosey.

We have absolutely no hesitation, and are absolutely delighted, to award the Easywalker Mosey a Best Buggy 5 Gold Star Rating for excellence.

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