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The Egg Stroller – First Impressions Review by Best Buggy

The new Egg Stroller has been the best kept secret ahead of its public launch on Easter Sunday.
Today was the Press Launch of the Egg, and so Best Buggy travelled to London, to see the Egg Stroller for ourselves.

We had been given tantalising glimpses, for months, of the Egg Stroller as it slowly hatched.
We knew that the Babystyle Egg was a top end, luxury pushchair. We knew the seat body was egg shaped around the back. We knew there was an extending handlebar and recline lever. We knew there was a large basket…..however now we know a lot more!!!

Best Buggy has been given an exclusive photo opportunity to bring the first real life photos to our readers. However, we aren’t allowed to release our photos just yet….but we can tell you everything you need to know.

The Babystyle Egg Stroller has a secret……a very big secret…….

However, let us first start at the beginning…

The Babystyle Egg Stroller is indeed a high end, luxury pushchair. There is a choice of three chassis colours – black, mirror and gun metal grey. There is also a choice of seat colour – these initially will be arctic white, storm grey and gotham black.

The Egg seat unit is curved underneath like half an eggshell. The large bucket seat is suitable from six months of age until three years old. The reversible (parent and forward facing) seat, has three recline positions which are accessed via a lift up lever at the rear of the seat. The seat has a pivoting adjustable footrest to support little feet.
There is a three position hood which is made out of soft fabric. The hood fold is silent and smooth. The hood can be moved to higher positions up the chassis if needed.

The seat fabrics are luxurious. The main seat fabric colour is in the colour of choice from the three listed above. Babystyle also give the customer a choice of a coloured liner which is included in the purchase price. There will be a range of colours to choose from. We understand the fabrics are not finalised, but the samples we saw were rich colours – such as petrol blue, damson, red, and a golden ochre colour. The pushchair also comes with a smart looking seat apron / boot cover which poppers neatly on over the bumper bar. If this is not sufficient, then there is an optional footmuff as an accessory. The footmuffs looked beautiful. They were well finished with a snuggly furry interior. We liked the zip up the front, to allow easy access to get the child in and out. It is also possible to buy more liners as an extra accessory item. This will mean that your Egg stroller could have a different colour each season, or even to match your outfit!

The seat has a leatherette swing away hinged bumper bar. This is slim, and undoes, and clicks into position easily. Small clips / holders are usefully being added at either side of the seat frame, near the bumper bar, to hold the harness out of the way, to enable clear access to the seat when putting a child in or out.

One of our favourite features is the harness buckle. It has a white Egg shaped release button. A really beautiful piece of attention to detail. There are plenty of other lovely details such as on the zip pulls, and we love the egg shaped trademark logo. The solid non puncture PU Polymer ‘Tru-Ride Technology’ wheels even have ‘egg’ written all around the rim.

We love the built in insect nets which the Babystyle pushchairs have under the footrests, and the Egg continues this Babystyle tradition – there is an insect net hidden underneath the footrest. However, Babystyle have managed to achieve something that Best Buggy has encouraged manufacturers to do for a long time. They have provided novel raincover storage underneath a flap at the front of the footrest – a secret lift up storage space. The raincover is included with the pushchair, and it folds up into a tiny package. The small space could equally be used to store small bits and pieces or valuables like a purse and phone.

The chassis appears to be solid and chunky. All the ‘action’ parts e.g. seat recline and removal are colour coded grey to make them easy to find.

The handle is thick and covered in stitched leatherette. The handlebar has 4 positions including a very high position, which will be great for taller parents – the tallest setting was way too tall for me! It does go down low as well. In the centre of the handlebar is a rotating ‘barrel’ which is used to adjust the handlebar. Rotating the ‘barrel’ forwards adjusts the handlebar up and down.

The Egg folds very compactly. It is also a one handed fold. The ‘barrel’ in the centre of the handlebar releases the fold. First rotate the barrel forwards, to lower the handlebar down, and then rotate the barrel backwards. The chassis releases. The fold is completed by grabbing a central carrying strap, which is attached on either side of the basket. It is quick and easy to do although it probably sounds complicated written down! This all forms a very compact fold. The chassis will freestand if the wheels are straight. Very neat! Comparisons will undoubtably be made with the iCandy Peach…

There is a large basket which has good access from the front and rear. It was plenty big enough to fit both the beautiful new Egg changing bag, and my handbag in at the same time.

The large rear ‘Tru-Ride Technology’ wheels easily pop off and on. These feel like rubber to the touch. The front wheels are lockable swivel wheels. The Egg has all round suspension which was clear to see. The pushchair was highly manoeuvrable, and we could easily tip the pushchair upwards onto the display stands.

The brake is situated in the centre of the rear bar – behind the basket. It is a ‘step on, step off’ brake – so there is no need to flick the brake off from underneath – great for those who like their open toed shoes. Simply press the brake down to apply, and step on it again to release it.

The Babystyle Egg has a beautiful soft lined carrycot. The carrycot comes with a mattress and a raincover. The carrycot is suitable from birth and for occasional overnight sleeping. The hood can be set to a mid closed position as well as staying fully open, or fully pushed back. There is a zip on carrycot apron. We were shown how the carrycot could be raised up if a parent required it to be higher e.g. if they are taller parents, or if they have back problems, or simply be closer to your child.

Babystyle have commissioned Kiddy to make a special Egg Evo-lunafix Group 0+ car seat to fit onto the Egg chassis. The Kiddy Egg Evo-lunafix has an egg shaped body to continue the egg shaped theme. The Kiddy Evo-lunafix can either have the seat upright or laid flat when in the car, on the floor, or on the pushchair chassis. We are exceptionally pleased to see Babystyle encouraging parents to have their babies to be laid flat, when using a car seat on the Egg chassis. There will also be other Group 0+ car seat options including Maxi-Cosi, Be Safe, Cybex and Reacaro adaptors, but the Egg Evo-lunafix has been specially made for the Egg Stroller and it carries the Egg branding. The Kiddy Evo-lunafix has to be used in conjunction with an an isofix base which comes with the car seat.

All round the Babystyle Egg Stroller is a beautiful, luxury, stylish pushchair. The price will be £699 for the Egg pushchair (chassis and seat), the seat apron / boot cover (seen in the photos), a coloured liner of your choice, a raincover and the built in insect net. The carrycot will be £179.

However we haven’t yet told you about the secret……

The secret is that the Babystyle Egg Stroller is not just a single stroller….it is also can become a double pushchair!!!!!
We LOVE tandem pushchairs and we totally did not expect to see such a good looking double pushchair about to storm onto the market!!!
This was a huge delightful surprise.

The Babystyle Egg has a set of ‘S’ shaped seat adaptors which can be bought separately. These clip onto each side of the chassis and provide two sockets for the seats, or the carrycot or car seat adaptors to sit in. The carrycot used in single mode, also becomes the carrycot in tandem mode. Thus there is no additional expense for a new baby if the carrycot was previously purchased for their elder sibling.

The second seat unit is identical to the main seat unit. This can be purchased later if desired, once the baby reaches six months of age. We like this modular design which allows parents the choice of buying just the parts they require, when they need them. This also allows you to mix and match should you wish to, or to hold on and see how confident child No 1 is at walking, six months after their sibling arrives. The Egg pushchair requires both the seat units to be forward facing. The front seat has three recline positions. The rear seat is limited to two recline positions to prevent the pushchair from tipping – upright and mid recline.

The Babystyle Egg Stroller is not just for siblings. There are twin options too. It is possible to situate two carrycots one above the other, facing each other. The front carrycot is at the bottom, and the rear carrycot goes above, very similar to the Peach Blossom Twin. This is where the mid hood fold point becomes important as the hood can be left partially open to allow the parent to see the babies or for the babies to see out.

The Babystyle Egg Stroller will also take one or two car seats. In tandem mode the car seat has to go in the front position, parent facing; with the sibling behind, forward facing. In tandem mode the car seats sit one in front of the other, parent facing.

Thus we believe the configurations are:
2 forward facing seats – front seat has 3 recline positions, rear seat has 2 recline positions
2 carrycots facing inwards to each other
2 car seats both parent facing – both children can be seen
1 carrycot forward facing at the rear; 1 seat forward facing at the front
1 car seat parent facing at the front; 1 seat forward facing at the rear
1 carrycot forward facing at the rear; I car seat parent facing at the front

There are adaptors for the car seat, and also for the carrycots. The adaptors must all be removed before folding. Usefully the seats will nest neatly, if one bumper bar is undone. We believe the carrycot will also lie flatter for transportation. The neat fold size / package is going to make the Egg a very compact car pushchair.

We wanted to know whether it was possible to put the beautiful changing bag underneath the pushchair in tandem mode – and we are pleased to tell you that it slid under easily. The access at the front is very useful for putting shopping etc. under and retrieving it. Any storage space on a tandem pushchair is appreciated, and there is certainly enough to make us happy in tandem mode.

We did give the Egg tandem a good push around. It felt light and manoeuverable to push. However, we really need some children on board to know how well the Egg tandem handles in every day situations.

Coordinating optional extras as mentioned, include the footmuff and extra seat liners. The changing bag is beautiful comes in several finishes. We loved the large Egg logo magnetic fastener on the front of the bag. We had a good dig through the changing bag, and found lots of pockets inside, and some smaller handy pockets on the outside. There was also a changing mat included. We are quite fussy about changing bags, and this is one which we would have bought – it seemed very practical. There is also a parasol and a cup holder.
We have been told unofficially that the Tandem seat will be £169; the Tandem adaptors TBC;  the footmuff £80; the changing bag £80; the car seat adaptors TBC; extra seat liners £30 each.

We were very, very, very excited to see this new luxury tandem in the market. There are very few good practical tandems on the market. Babystyle with the Oyster Max (which will soon have a new lower reclining seat), and now the Egg Stroller, will be able to offer parents a choice of two excellent, practical tandems to choose from, at different price points.
We very much look forward to getting an Egg Stroller into Best Buggy HQ to see how well it performs in real life.

Just a final note, the Egg is still being finalised, so any part of this description may be changed at any time. However, we believe this all to be true at the time of writing.

We must say a HUGE THANK YOU to Babystyle for allowing Best Buggy to have such a wonderful hands on, exploratory session with the new Babystyle Egg Stroller. We appreciated all the time you took with us; for answering our many queries and questions; and patiently trying out all the configurations. Thank you!


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