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Babystyle Oyster Switch

These are just a few photos of the Babystyle Oyster Switch.

The Babystyle Oyster Switch takes the Babystyle Imp pushchair, a stage further. We reviewed the Babystyle Imp last year and gave this neat, freestanding pushchair a 4 and a half gold star Best Buggy rating.
On the Babystyle Oyster Switch, the seat can be detached and reversed on the chassis, so that a child can parent face, as well as forward face. The hood can then be folded inside out so that the logo appears on the outside, and the hood can be neatly fastened back down. This can all be done quickly and easily.

The photos show how the Oyster Switch can be folded neatly with the seat left facing in either direction. The hood and fabrics are kept off the floor at all times so that they will not get dirty. The Imp Switch stands upright on the wheels and the chassis.

We got the opportunity to be hands on with the Babystyle Oyster Switch, and it was easy to use the Oyster Switch, and to turn the seat and fabrics around.

The Babystyle Oyster Switch is a fab product, and it is unusual to find a parent facing, lightweight but full sized stroller on the market. The Babystyle Oyster Switch is suitable from birth. We think it is going to be a real hit with mums of babies and younger children who would like to keep their little ones parent facing but yet in a stroller sized pushchair. We think that the Oyster Switch will be especially good for travelling with.

This is a quick initial look at the Oyster Switch. We hope to get one in to review sometime soon.

We believe the Babystyle Oyster Switch will be available to buy in 2015 at a RRP of around £169.

With thanks to Babystyle for letting us have a sneak preview.


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