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Out ‘n’ About Little Nipper Mini Review by Best Buggy

This is a quick review of the Out ‘n’ About Little Nipper.

We loved our Nipper Single and Double with their big off road wheels. The children always looked comfortable. The pushchairs were easy to push. All round they were excellent.

So, we have been curious about the Little Nipper for sometime. So we headed off to a retailer with a view to buying one to review.

The feel overall is very similar to the Nipper Single except for two main differences. First of all, the fold, and secondly, the smaller city style wheels.
First the fold – there are still clips on either side which need undoing / doing up. However, the remainder of the fold is done by pulling a handle in the centre of the seat. We will be honest and say at first we couldn’t find the fold strap under the padded liner and so we pushed up from underneath to fold. However, once we had dug around a bit, we found the handle. It looks exactly like Baby Jogger one! It is easy to do once you know how! The fold is slightly neater than the Nipper Single, but not that much different overall.

Before we continue, we must say that on our last Nipper the harness was huge. Too huge even for an older toddler. We were pleased to see that the Little Nipper harness could be reduced down to fit a baby.

The wheels however were a HUGE let down. First of all they vibrated terribly. We used to have a Mountain Buggy Mini which had vibrating wheels, but these were worse. The vibration is caused by the grooves on the plastic wheels. There was no doubt within seconds of what the issue was. When we got closer to the wheels, we realised that they weren’t even round!!!!!!! The wheels were not uniformly circular which was very clear when the wheels spun round – there was a clear wobble on them. This was making the vibration worse, but it also meant that the Little Nipper would not drive in a straight line. We pushed it gently and watched, and the Little Nipper veered off sharply to the right and crashed into the side! Eeeeeek! This is sure to affect the handling if you are constantly trying to pull the Little Nipper back into line. As Mr BB said later ‘it looked like it was driving on cobblestones – it was juddering all over’ (the floor was smooth!) The sales staff clearly knew about the issues too.

The retailer said that they had informed Out ‘n’ About, but they seemed unconcerned by both these issues.

However, we, at Best Buggy were concerned enough, that we did not buy an Out ‘n’ About Little Nipper today. Having had two pushchairs with vibrating wheels in the past, they simply are not pleasant to use. The mis-shapen wheels were a big cause for concern, especially given the retailer who reported the issue, hadn’t been sent replacement wheels, despite it being some time ago.  It makes us question what Out ‘n’ About’s customer service is like.

The Out ‘n’ About Little Nipper was a big disappointment considering the bigger wheeled pushchairs are so lovely to use.
We hope that Out ‘n’ About listen, and put some decent small air tyres (or similar), onto their Little Nipper’s in future.

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