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Best Buggy Pushchair Survey 2015

Best Buggy are often asked by parents-to-be: ‘Which pushchair should I buy?” or “Which is the perfect buggy?”

We believe that the best people to answer this question are other parents, who have bought, and have had real life experience of using pushchairs every day with their own children. The Best Buggy Pushchair Survey, uniquely allows parents to respond freely with their own choices of pushchair, rather than asking parents to vote on pre-selected or paid-to-enter pushchairs. No manufacturer was favoured or paid to be included. This provides honest answers which reflect the whole range of the pushchair market.

Over 500 parents responded to this year’s Best Buggy pushchair survey. In line with last year’s survey, data was used from participants who had owned over 15 pushchairs. Some had owned over 200 pushchairs! In total, this gave a collective experience in excess of 5000 pushchairs! Each parent was therefore drawing a conclusion from a breadth of knowledge.

Best Buggy believes that by giving very experienced parents the opportunity to make open choices, that a true reflection will be given about which pushchairs are perceived as the best, and which can be confidently recommended. The searching questions allowed the parents could express their personal favourites, whilst asking them to consider other perspectives too, to give honest recommendations in each category.

The survey asked 18 pushchair related questions. The parents were asked to consider which pushchairs were ‘the best’ in their experience, for each category.

The Bugaboo Cameleon topped this year’s survey as ‘The Favourite Pushchair’ (15%), however, for the second year running, the Baby Jogger City Versa was the one pushchair that the parents would choose if they were starting their family all over again (21%).

Baby Jogger pushchairs once again topped the polls in most of the other categories, including ‘ Best All Round Pushchair’, and Best Lightweight Pushchair’. Baby Jogger was the one manufacturer that parents preferred, if they were limited to just one brand (34%), with Bugaboo close behind (31%).

The Best All Round Pushchair’ was the Baby Jogger City Versa with nearly a quarter of the vote. The Baby Jogger City Versa also topped the poll in the ‘Best Value for Money’ (28%), and the ‘Best Pushchair suitable from birth for under £500′ (35%) categories.

The ‘Best All Terrain Pushchair’ was the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle with 22% of the poll. The best ‘Lightweight’ and the best ‘Travel’ pushchair are both awarded to the Baby Jogger City Mini.

The Best Buggy ‘Best Tandem Pushchair’ award for 2015, goes to the iCandy Peach Blossom, with 39% of parents choosing this double pushchair.
The ‘Best Side by Side Double Pushchair’ award,with over half the votes, goes resoundingly to the Bugaboo Donkey.

Overall, Baby Jogger appear to be the strongest brand, with their range of practical pushchairs topping our charts. Bugaboo once again featured strongly, with the Cameleon, Buffalo, Bee and Donkey all appearing in our lists of top pushchairs. iCandy have done well this year due to the successful launch of the popular Peach Blossom 3 and Raspberry. However pushchair brand Stokke are noticeably absent in the top results this year.

The Results of the Best Buggy Pushchair Survey 2015

The Most Favourite Pushchair

1. Bugaboo Cameleon – 15%
2. Baby Jogger City Versa / Versa GT – 10%
3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT – 9%

If starting again, which one pushchair would you choose to use for all your children?
1. Baby Jogger City Versa / Versa GT – 21%
2. Bugaboo Cameleon – 11%
3. Bugaboo Donkey – 8%

The Best All Round Pushchair
1. Baby Jogger City Versa / Versa GT – 24%
2. Bugaboo Cameleon – 13%
3. Baby Jogger City Mini – 9%
iCandy Peach – 9%

If limited to buying from one manfacturer’s range of pushchairs, whose would it be?
1. Baby Jogger – 34%
2. Bugaboo – 31%
3. iCandy – 7%

Best Pushchair Suitable from Birth for Under £500
1. Baby Jogger City Versa / Versa GT – 35%
2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT – 8%
3. Baby Jogger City Elite – 6%
Babystyle Oyster – 6%
Bugaboo Bee – 6%
iCandy Raspberry – 6%

Best Pushchair Suitable from Birth for Under £300
1. Baby Jogger City Mini 3/4 – 38%
2. Out ‘n’ About Nipper – 10%
3. Mamas & Papas Sola City – 8%
Maclaren Techno XT – 8%

Best Value for Money
1. Baby Jogger City Versa / Versa GT – 28%
2. Baby Jogger City Mini – 17%
3. Out ‘n’ About Nipper – 9%

Best Car Boot Pushchair
1. Baby Jogger City Mini 3/4 – 27%
2. Maclaren Quest – 12%
3. Babyzen YoYo – 10%
Bugaboo Bee – 10%

Best Holiday Pushchair
1. Baby Jogger City Mini 3/4 – 23%
2. Babyzen YoYo – 13%
3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT – 11%

Best Lightweight Pushchair
1. Baby Jogger City Mini 3/4 – 23%
2. Bugaboo Bee – 19%
3. Babyzen YoYo – 16%

Most Easy to Fold Lightweight Pushchair
1. Baby Jogger City Mini 3/4 – 55%
2. Babyzen YoYo – 10%
3. Maclaren Quest – 9%

Best All Terrain pushchair
1. Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle – 22%
2. Out ‘n’ About Nipper 18%
3. Bugaboo Buffalo – 12%

Best Tandem Pushchair
1. iCandy Peach Blossom – 39%
2. Phil & Teds (No Specific Model) – 15%
3. Baby Jogger City Select – 11%

Best Side by Side Double Pushchair
1. Bugaboo Donkey – 51%
2. Out ‘n’ About Nipper Twin – 16%
Mountain Buggy Duet – 16%
3. Baby Jogger City Mini Double – 11%

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