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Little Devils Carrera Sport – Review Submitted to Best Buggy

I am sending you my personal review of experiencing the Little Devils Carrera Sport 3 in 1 travel system.

We purchased the Little Devils Carrera Sport system prior to our first born arriving in September 2014 so we had it at home from August 2014 after paying in installments.

Our first issue occurred as we were assembling the Carrera Sport- when putting the carrycot together we stumbled at the last bit of zipping on the foot cover, it appeared that the 2 zips that were meant to meet together were different sizes so would not work!
We contacted the Little Devils company (this is never easy, take days to respond to emails if at all & hardly ever answer phone) we spoke to the manager, who said they were aware of this issue and all systems should’ve been checked before going to customers !! Fair enough I thought at least they know there’s an issue, but I had to drive back a 25 min drive to get a replacement.

Issue 2 came in November when the weather had begun to turn for winter, I was caught out in heavy rain and baby was still in carrycot as only 8/9 weeks old, when I got home and took baby out, the entire sides of the carrycot were soaked and the mattress he was on had a wet ring around the sides, basically the raincover it comes with does not fit over entire pram/carrycot.
Again I emailed and phoned to complain…eventually all I got was an apology and again they were aware the design of raincover was not suitable and that I could just purchase a universal one from most shops ! Great . I have attached pics of the wet mattress etc

Issue 3 a few weeks later I was out in the snow and then when Got home and took the raincover off (hadn’t bought a new one yet) and shook the snow off there was a huge rip in it right down the front. I did not bother complain again and ended up buying a really good cover for ¬£20 – review : raincover is cheap made, flimsy, not weather proof and ill fitting.

Issue 4. End of Dec into Jan and the Little Devils Carrera Sport has been in use for 4 months, and we notice the wheels are really badly rusted and the basket  has collapsed due to bolts coming away thus making the pram lopsided. (pics attached) .
This time we called and emailed Little Devils again several times and even had to try via their Facebook page. My husband ended up with a quick response once he started publicly naming them on social media he ended up having several conversations over 3 days before we were asked to yet again drive back to their warehouse for them to look at it. We did this and they said they had never seen rust this bad .
After refusing to issue us a refund as we had by now lost all faith in the product we agreed for them to replace all the wheels and the bolts (which again they were an older design and they knew they weren’t good ones, so newer prams have different ones, in my opinion the prams should have been recalled.)

Other minor issues: changing bag on small side , you will have to buy a bigger one at some point.
Its a bit stiff to fold down
The adapters come off very easily when lifting the car seat off wheels, sometimes one would be left on frame and the other still on car seat.
The car seat does not come with a newborn head rest (as first time parents, we didn’t even know we needed this)
The car seat straps don’t feel secure in that its tight on shoulders yet a big gap between tummy and straps.
The car seat hood is attached by buttons, so is annoying if your trying to gain access to baby to get them in and out seat etc.

I do not agree with the 14 day money back system as most people buy the pram before baby even arrives so how can you then determine a fault before 14 days.

Review summed up: you get what you pay for and end up with a cheap imitation of a Bugaboo.
The Little Devils Carrera Sport is poor quality and not worth wasting money on and the Little Devils customer service/communication is poor.

Note: This review has been submitted to Best Buggy by a member of the public.

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