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Winning the Fight Against T1 Diabetes!!

Today we won the Diabetes jackpot!

Back in October, we wrote about how we made a big decision to try out a diabetes blood monitoring system called the Abbott Freestyle Libre. This clever device has a sensor which is attached to Little Miss BB’s arm (the white disc in the photo above). The sensor can be scanned by a handset through clothes, to give an intersitiatal fluid reading which can track Little Miss BB’s blood sugar readings. As previous Blog posts have shown, we have managed to get a better understanding of Little Miss BB’s diabetes, and to gain better control.

This afternoon we went to Little Miss BB’s Diabetes clinic. She goes every 3 months to have something called her HbA1c checked. The aim is to keep this as low as possible to give Little Miss BB the best opportunity to maintain her health long term, and hopefully avoid the complications of Diabetes.

Our hospital team had been reticent to be positive about the Libre, partly because it is not licensed for use with children yet. However the proof of how completely brilliant this little device is was revealed today! Much to the complete shock of her diabetes team, Little Miss BB’s HbA1c had dropped from 7.9% down to 6.5% (48 mmol/mol). That is where the border is between bring diabetic with good control and being non-diabetic is!!!

Her doctor has written ‘Wow’ and ‘Congratulations’ on Little Miss BB’s clinic review form!

On top of this Libre has allowed Little Miss BBs finger tips to recover and turn pink again (less finger pricks), thus giving her better sensation in her fingers. We have been able to monitor her more easily and quickly. But importantly little Miss BB can be in control, even at the age of 6, in making her own decisions about how she can manage herself.

The Freestyle Libre has been transformational to Little Miss BB’s life, and life as a family for us.

So tonight is a celebration!

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