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Babystyle at The Harrogate Nursery Fair 2015

The Babystyle stand is always one of our favourites at the Harrogate Nursery Fair. However, Babystyle had a new more open stand this year, and it was much easier to get a good play with the new pushchairs.

The focus of the stand was of course the new Egg Stroller. We have reported on the launch of the Egg to the retailers here, so in this post we will look at the other new products which are coming from Babystyle in 2015.

First of all, there was an example of the new Oyster Max with the new lie flat reclining lower seat – the first photos in this photoset. This new lower seat is going to completely transform the use of the Oyster Max for babies between the ages of birth until they stop napping. It is going to mean that the toddler can keep their large front tandem seat, whilst the baby can now nap with a comfortable angle of incline in the lower seat unit. The current Oyster Max lower seat has an incline, but we at Best Buggy have always felt this was not sufficient for a baby to comfortably nap. The new lower seat also has a larger canopy as well. We are very very pleased to see this new seat making an appearance in 2015.

We were also pleased to see the Kiddy Evo-lunafix has been approved for use on the Oyster chassis’ – on the Oyster 2 and Oyster Max in both single and tandem mode. We support Babystyle in their use of this lie flat car seat which gives a young baby the optimum position for healthy travel.

Next we spotted the very sleek looking new Babystyle Oyster Lite Twin pushchair. This is a side by side pushchair similar to the single Oyster Lite. This is potentially very exciting because the single Oyster Lite is very easy to use and has enormous seat units. We like all the cup holders and the large basket!
We did measure the width of the wheels as 76.5cms wide which is just about 0.2cms too wide for a standard doorway, so hopefully this is something Babystyle can look at before the Lite Twin comes to the market.
We had a quick push around, and the Oyster Lite Twin did live up to its name and it was easy to steer.
We look forward to finding about more about this pushchair as the year unfolds.

Next to the Oyster Lite Twin was the Babystyle Oyster Switch. We have reported on the Oyster Switch in more detail here.
Oyster Switch was originally called the Imp Switch as they are based on the same design. The Babystyle Imp is a lightweight stroller which folds in a unique way and will freestand when folded without getting any of the fabrics dirty. We loved using the Imp when we tested it last year. The Oyster Switch has a reversible seat unit, so that a child can easily forward or parent face. The Oyster Switch folds with the seat facing in either direction. We noticed that one of the Oyster Switch pushchairs had a car seat attached which will make this pushchair a really useful travel system for anyone who does not want to buy a bigger pram.

If you do want a bigger pram, then the Babystyle Prestige prams were all lined up looking very beautiful with their hoods up and parasols open.

We also loved seeing the new pushchair colours, the seat liners, changing bags and blankets from Babystyle.

Finally, we took great pleasure in seeing our Best Buggy logo on the Babystyle boards. It was really lovely to see. :)

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