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Mutsy at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2015

Mutsy has a beautiful display of Igo and Evo pushchairs at Harrogate this year. There were new colours for 2015 on display.

It was great to see how the Mutsy Step-Up Board works behind the Evo and Igo pushchairs. We always suspected that the Mutsy Evo would be a good pushchair to have a board behind because there is plenty of space between the pushchair seat and the handlebar.

We LOVE the huge removable shopping baskets. which give extra storage space underneath the pushchairs. The baskets clip on and off very easily and have good carrying handles.

The Mutsy Igo fold is unbelievably compact for a good sized pushchair!

The Mutsy Easyrider buggy is a very smart looking stroller. We liked the attention to detail on the hinge joints.

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