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Omnio Stroller

We had been looking forward to seeing the Omnio Stroller at the Harrogate Nursery Fair.

We got a good look at the two Omnio Stroller prototype models which were on display.
The OmniO Rider in a nutshell is a small lightweight stroller (6kgs), which folds up tiny and can be then slung onto a shoulder or onto a back using integrated shoulder straps and chest strap. The Omnio Stroller is small enough to fit into an overhead locker on a plane – 54 x 37 x 25cms max – which is even small enough for Easyjet hand luggage regulations!

Mr BB tried the Omnio Stroller on his back and said that it was very comfortable to carry. Really this is key to the Omnio Stroller – it is a pushchair which is comfortable enough to carry on your back if your toddler wants to walk, or just in case they have a melt down or decide they are too tired to continue during an outing.

The Omnio Stroller has a number of innovative features. First of all there is a 6 point harness. This is something we haven’t seen on a commercial pushchair, although we welcome it, as we frequently add on chest straps to our pushchairs to prevent escapees! The footrest is height adjustable for chidren of different ages. The shoulder straps are adjusted by a series of press studs at either side. This appears to be quick and easy to do. There was no hood on the display Omnio Strollers, however, we believe there will be one. The Omnio Stroller is suitable for children from 6 months old to 22kgs (48lbs).

The accessories all clipped on easily over abutments on either the chassis, and could be easily removed. The bags looked good quality. The small one looked perfect for my camera, and the larger one would be great for a picnic on a day out.

We were keen to have a push! The handle height was perfect for me at 5ft 6ins tall. Little Miss BB had a try too, as did Mr BB! Both could push the Omnio Stroller .

The Omnio Stroller has innovative new wheels which are all terrain and puncture proof. The wheels can be swapped from the front to the rear depending on the terrain to give the option of one handed front or rear wheel steering. The omni-wheel is unique and will have a double set of 6 rollers.

The Omnio Stroller is stored neatly in a deluxe travel bag at purchase with minimal packaging to be environmentally friendly. The final photo in the set above is of the optional OmniO Eclipse which is like a stay put blanket, which is formed using press-studs and can then be clipped onto the Omnio Stroller chassis, so that it covers the child’s feet. This is universal, so would work well on a range of pushchairs. The photo is of the inside, showing the press studs in the corners.

We were a little disappointed that we did not see a sleek looking black version that is shown in the advertising information, which we have been given sneak peeks of recently. We do not know if the finished Omnio Stroller will be silver like the prototypes or black like the photos.

Shortly after our visit, the Omnio Stroller was announced as the winner of the “Innovation Award” from the Baby Products Association at The Harrogate Nursery Fair. Well done to the Omnio Stroller team.
We look forward to seeing the finished Omnio Stroller on shop floors later this year.

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