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The Joolz Geo and Joolz Day at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2015

Visiting the Joolz stand in Harrogate was a real pleasure this year. Last year we reviewed the Joolz Day, and we currently have a Joolz Geo on test here at BBHQ. We are LOVING the Geo and are full of enthusiam for how lovely it is to use.

The Joolz Geo was shown at Harrogate in both the fabrics of the Studio and the Tailor collections for 2015.

The Joolz Geo Studio is inspired by French romance and design. The fabrics are double stitched and the chassis has black wheels.

The Joolz Geo Tailor allows the Geo to be customised to express your own style and taste. Each Joolz Geo Tailor comes with a leatherette pack containing a leatherette handle and bumper bar; logo labels and zip pulls in a colour of your choice (see the wall display with all the handle and bumper bars on).

The Joolz Geo Studio and Tailor will launch in Summer 2015.

We also saw the new SidePack pannier bags for the Joolz Geo. These allow for extra storage space, in particular when the Geo is in tandem mode, (and the basket is replaced by the second seat or carrycot,) however, they can be fitted to the Geo in single mode too. Indeed we see no reason why these smart pannier bags could not be fitted to most pushchairs. The SidePacks can be removed from the pushchair, and then carried using a handy handle like a shopper, or over your shoulder using the carry strap. There is a special compartment designed to keep a tablet safe. The Side Packs cost £45 each.

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