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Tutti Bambini Riviera at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2015

Tutti Bambini was the last stand before we left the Harrogate Nursery Fair, and we probably saved one of the most interesting until last.

We were pleasantly surprised by the thought which has gone into the Riviera pushchair. The pushchair chassis is simple with clean lines. The fabrics are all reversible. So that the hoods and carrycot aprons can be turned over or around and reversed. Thus, it is two looks for the price of one! There is a choice of silver, black, chrome or white chassis colours. The display board at the end of this photoset has the fabric colour pairs.

The Riviera comes with the reversible pushchair seat. There is a carrycot and car seat option too. There is a large hood on the pushchair which has an extending silver sun shade with vents at either side, which allow the child to see out.

The Rivieria has a colour coded zip on leatherette handlebar and carrycot handle which is a neat touch. There is also a leatherette swing away bumper bar. The handlebar has 7 positions. The wheels easily remove for cleaning or storage.

We loved the satchel style changing bags which had a well designed removable organiser insert, so that the bag could easily be a changing bag one day, or a work bag the next. There is also a bottle holder, changing mat and a wet bag.

There is a large basket underneath the pushchair. This is divided up into an open front section which is big enough to put a couple of carrier bags, and then an enclosed rear section which is useful for hiding valuables or keeping things dry or from blowing away in bad weather.

We are unable to find any information on the Tutti Bambini Riviera at present online, so we can not be precise about the weight or price. We know these are coming into the UK in time for a launch at the NEC Baby Show in mid May.

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