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Venicci and Bebetto at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2015

We have to admit we know very little about Venicci and Bebetto pushchairs. However, we know one local store who seems to sell a number of Venicci pushchairs, and we have had a number of queries about these prams. Thus we were very curious to look at the range.

First of all these pushchairs were on one stand, however, there were pushchairs from two companies on display – Venicci – the first photos in this set; and Bebetto – the last photos in the set above.

I am going to be absolutely honest, and say I am really no wiser about the Venicci pushchairs. There were plenty of staff members on the stand, but apart from handing me a folder, no one took the time to explain the products to us. The folder tells us there are three new colourways, but does not explain the pushchairs to us!
However, we can tell you that there is a Denim Grey collection; a White and a Silver Special Edition! There is also a pretty spotty looking Venicci pram.
If anyone can help name these pushchairs, then that would be most useful!

Meanwhile we were very interested in the Bebetto For Two (or 42 as it is written on the chassis) tandem pushchairs. One was set up in two carrycot mode, and the other in two seat mode. These pushchairs had an extremely long wheelbase, but there was plenty of room for each child. There was a good sized basket underneath.
We know that the Bebetto 42 For Two can take:
Two carrycots parent facing, or even facing each other.
Two seat units parent facing or forward facing.
A carrycot parent facing at the rear with a seat parent facing behind.
The seat units can also face each other in the centre.
Two car seats can be fitted – both parent facing.
One car seat can be fitted parent facing at the rear with a seat unit parent facing behind. We suspect that the seat unit could forward face, but we can not see a picture of this option.

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