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Baby Jogger City Elite v’s Baby Jogger Summit X3

These photos are an experiment. Master BB (and plenty of other children we know) will need a pushchair longer than most children.

The two pushchairs at the top of these photos are the Baby Jogger City Elite (Red hood on the left hand side) and the Baby Jogger Summit X3 (Grey/Black hood on the right hand side). The pushchair in the final 5 photos is the Baby Jogger City Mini Zip.

Miss BB is 6 years 7 months old and 118cms tall.
Master BB is 4 years 9 months old and 100cms tall.

What is interesting is that the Baby Jogger Summit X3 has a bigger seat than the Elite on the three most important measurements for an older child – height (2.5cms taller); depth (2cms deeper) and knee to footrest (1-3cms longer depending on where the feet are placed). Thus, in theory, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 should be better for an older child.

However, the photos show that two other factors are making a difference. First of all the hood on the Summit is much lower than on the Elite. This is clear when the hoods are removed. Secondly the Summit X3 has a board in the base of the seat, whereas the Elite does not.

The photo montages – 4 photos in one show Left to Right: the Elite, the Summit X3, The Summit X3 with Elite hood, and finally the Summit X3 with the seat board removed. Look at how much deeper in the seat Little Miss BB sits,  particularly in the Elite.

It is important to note that Miss BB can fit under the Summit canopy when it is opened. This is useful knowledge for anyone who has an older child who needs privacy.

This is an interesting experiment not least because it shows that seat measurements are not always the best indicator of the best seat for an older child.

The other interesting point to make, and this is consistent with a toddler of any age, is that even though these two are nearly 2 years apart, it is their legs which show their difference in height, not the upper half of their trunk and back. We noticed this when they were younger because they would both have the same shoulder harness setting. Little Miss BB has always been on the upper centiles whilst Master BB has always been on the lower centiles for height, so it is not that Master BB is particularly tall and Miss BB is short.

The photos of the Baby Jogger City Mini Zip are to show the relative size proportion of the Zip seat compared to the two bigger Baby Jogger strollers.

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