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Joolz Geo – Duo

This photoset is of the Joolz Geo in Duo mode for two children. The photoset of the Joolz Geo in Mono are here which show more details of the upper seat and chassis. Please use both sets of photos in conjunction with each other.
There are photos here of the Joolz with the added lower carrycot, and the lower seat unit. These pictures should explain how the Geo fits together.
There are some photos of the wheel guards which clip simply on each side of the wheel when in tandem mode.
There are also pictures of the footboard, including some to show how it does not fit on when the Geo is in tandem mode. There are some photos of the Footboard in use in our full Joolz Geo review here. The review will explain more about how the Geo works and is set up.

Joolz do not recommend that the Geo is used with the main seat parent facing, however, this is only in case a child in the main seat kicks their sibling rather than a stability issue. It is for you as a parent to decide if you wish to use the Geo this way.

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