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CasualPlay Q-Retraktor Review by Best Buggy

First Impressions

The CasualPlay Q-retraktor fix looks impressive, with a deep seat and extra padding upon first looks the Q-retraktor fix looks very stylish

What Group?

The CasualPlay Q-retraktor fix is a group 1 car seat and is suitable for 9-18Kg [approx 9 months to 4 years].


There are two installation methods, one is ISOfix and top tether the other uses ISOfix and support leg.  The Isofix points are easy to locate and position, there is an audible click and a green indicator when fastened securely.  The top tether has a tension button to highlight when secure.  As there are two methods of installation first install took 15 minutes but subsequent install can be done within 10.  The Q-retraktor fix is a little on the heavy side so not an easy seat to swap between vehicles.

Everyday use

The Q-retraktor fix has some great unique features, first as you adjust the height of the head rest the chest harness is increases.  This ensures the harness is at the correct height.  The recline is easy to access and gives a great smooth recline.  What makes the Q-retraktor fix unique is the automatic adjustment of the harness.  There is no need to pull to tighten as the harness does this automatically, ensuring your child is always secure in the seat.  We have not yet had the harness twist on us and find it a great comfort knowing the harness is at the correct fitting each time.

The harness not only tightens automatically it acts like an adult seat belt, so will lock like an adult seat belt in the event of an impact.  The shoulder pads are fixed in place with great non slip covers.  It can be a little tricky to clean the underneath base of the seat but all the covers are washable.

Overall conclusion

The CasualPlay Q-Retraktor fix is impressive.  The shoulder pads are always in the correct place thanks to the grips, the harness is always fitted correctly thanks to the unique retraction system which acts like an adult seat belt.  The CasualPlay Q-retraktor fix is one of the most impressive Group 1 seats we have seen.


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