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Cosatto Hootle Review by Best Buggy

First Impressions

The Cosatto Hootle looked very supportive for a Group 0+/1 seat and as you would expect from Cosatto had a beautiful bright pattern.

What Group?

The Cosatto Hootle is a Group 0+/1 car seat.  Group 0+ is birth to 13kg and Group 1 is 9-18Kg


Installation is via 3 point lap and diagonal safety belt only, and it is rear facing in Group 0+ and forward facing for Group 1.  This means it does not meant the new i-size regulations but does comply with ECE R44/04.  Installation is easy to do following the instructions and the Best Buggy team managed the first installation within 5 minutes.  We did find that the fit varied significantly between cars and would therefore recommend testing in your car before purchase.

Everyday use

The Hootle requires a conversion to be done with the harness to convert from Group 0+ to Group 1, this can be quite tricky the first time it is attempted and needs to be done when there is time to concentrate and absorb the instructions.

Due to this conversion there is room for error in installation in Group 1 mode so it is worth checking your installation.  The head rest does not adjust and you need to manually alter the height of the harness.  The seat is easy to recline and we found it easy to clean the seat thanks to the removable covers.

Overall conclusion

The Cosatto Hootle features some great padding near the harness and is perfect for a rear and forward facing seat.  However please check the Hootle is a suitable fit for your car.

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