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Cosatto Hug Review by Best Buggy

First Impressions

The Cosatto Hug looks really luxurious.  Offering soft padded leather sides, deep side padding and a soft padded seat liner the Hug certainly is one of the most impressive looking car seats we have seen.

What Group?

The Cosatto Hug is a Group 1,2,3 seat.  Group 1 is 9-18Kg [approx 9 months to 4 years], and group 2 & 3 is 15 to 36Kg [approx 4 to 11 years old].  In Group 1 mode the harness must be used to secure the child and the chest pads must always be used as they are an important safety feature.


Installation is via 3 point lap and diagonal safety belt only, and it is forward facing use.  This means it does not meant the new i-size regulations but does comply with ECE R44/04.  Installation is easy to do following the instructions and the Best Buggy team managed the first installation within 15 minutes.  The only issue we had was with the vehicle seat belt twisting as we went to clip the belt in place.

For Group 2 and 3 installation this is done with the vehicle seat belt placed over the child and it is important therefore that the vehicle seat belt are correctly tensioned and placed on your child.  There are red guides to help with this.  The harness and seat pads need to be removed but this was simple to do.

Everyday use

In Group 2 and 3 mode the Hug is really easy to use and is a great high back seat.  The headrest has 5 different heights in group 1 and an additional 4 positions in group 2 and 3, allowing it to grow with your child.  When adjusting the headrest  in group 1, ensure there is enough slack in the harness as the headrest also adjusts the height of the harness.  The lever to adjust the headrest is easy to locate at the back of the head rest.

The angle of the seat can be reclined using a handy button under the seat and had 5 different positions.  We found the Hug easy to keep clean using a damp cloth and although the seat covers can be removed we never had a need to do so.

It is worth noting that the harness has twisted a few times whilst we have used the hug, and therefore when using with your child to always ensure the harness is not twisted as this can affect the performance in a crash.

Overall conclusion

The Cosatto Hug is a real stylish seat offering great side and head protection in a crash.  Watch for the harness twisting in Group 1 mode and ensure correct tension in the vehicle seat belt for Group 2 and 3, would be our only concerns.  Easy to use headrest and seat recline, the Hug is certainly a great choice for a Group 1,2,3 car seat.

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