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Cosatto Zoomi Review by Best Buggy

First Impressions

The Cosatto Zoomi required some assembly, it comes as a booster seat which required the back to be slotted into place.  This is done via a hook and bar system which is easy to follow.  The harness is also quick to slot into place and is adjusted manually.  The armrests look really comfortable for long journeys.

What Group?

The Cosatto Zoomi is a group 1,2,3 car seat.  Suitable from 9Kg to 36 kg [approx 9 months to 12 years].  The Zoomi can therefore grow with your child and thanks to 5 point adjustable head rest there is no need to purchase another seat as the Zoomi adapts to your growing child


Installation is via 3 point lap and diagonal safety belt only, and it is forward facing use.  This means it does not meant the new i-size regulations but does comply with ECE R44/04.  Installation is easy to do following the instructions and the Best Buggy team managed the first installation within 5 minutes.

For Group 2 and 3 installation this is done with the vehicle seat belt placed over the child and it is important therefore that the vehicle seat belt are correctly tensioned and placed on your child.  The harness is really easy to remove and it is therefore quick to convert to group 2 and 3.

Everyday use

There is no seat recline and as a result we have noticed a slight slump when younger children are asleep in the seat.  The armrests are lovely and padded and make a great feature for younger children who feel they are in a ‘grown up’ seat.

The seat can be kept clean with a damp cloth.  If moving the seat always remember that the top can be removed from the base and it can come unclipped if not held in place.  The Zoomi is lightweight so can easily be transported between cars.  Thanks to this unique ability to be separated into a booster seat and back, it can also be packed into a standard suit case.  Packing into a hard cased suitcase means that you can then use the Zoomi on holiday in a rental car or taxi.  The Zoomi is perfect for travel.

Overall conclusion

The Cosatto Zoomi is the perfect travel companion.  As it can be separated into two parts it can fit into a hard cased suitcase and therefore be taken on holiday.  The lightweight of the Zoomi makes it perfect for swapping between cars and it fits on most seats.

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