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Mifold Booster Cushion Car Seat

The Mifold booster cushion seat is revolutionary!
Why carry a bulky booster cushion when a slim, thin, compact one will do?
Why lift the child up, when the seat belt can be brought down to the height of the child?

We must stress that here in the UK booster cushions in law must only be used once a child reaches 22kgs in weight (which is contrary to labelling by certain brands).
Little Miss BB for example is 6 years old and is now over 22kgs. However Master BB ages just 5, is nowhere near that weight.

We also must emphasize that we strongly recommend that a child should be on a high backed booster seat for as long as possible to give them good side impact and head protection. There are a number of high backed booster seats which can easily accommodate a 12 year old or a child over 135cms (the minimum height and age at which a child no longer legally needs a car seat, although ideally one should be used until 150cms when a child has an adult sized body.

With all the caveats out of the way, we think the Mifold is an amazing invention. Although a booster cushion is not ideal. sometimes it is a better option that no car seat. To be able to have a Mifold in the boot of the car for when you get that call from a friend saying “Please would you pick up X from school because I am delayed” or for when you need grandparents to pick your child up, would be invaluable!  A Mifold would have been amazing on a recent trip to London where we had to take a black cab, and then walk around all day. We could have popped the Mifold’s in our rucksack for the day. The Mifold would be brilliant for an airport transfer when flying abroad; or for a taxi journey home at the end of your holiday.
We love that the Mifold is small enough to pack into your child’s bag for a visit to a friend, and that a child wouldn’t need to lug a bigger booster seat around, or feel embarrassed that they still need one even if their friends don’t. There is no excuse for any child travelling unrestrained when a Mifold will pack so easily.
Did you know that if you provide an adult with a car seat, that they legally have to use it? It is a great way to get the message across to a friend. Most children should be able to use the Mifold themselves because it is so simple.

There is no reason why everyone should not have a tiny folding Mifold tucked away…..just in case! Check the Mifold out here now!

We believe the Mifold will be £34.99 when it goes to market, however, it will be available to pre-order for just £23 which is a significant saving! Go here to sign up to the waiting list for further information.

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