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Baby Jogger City Mini Review – User Submitted

LOVE our city mini. It is our first baby (now 10 months old) but our third pushchair. Being unexperienced first time parents we made all the wrong decisions in buying our first chair. When the bad handling and faulty break system of the first got too much we got a full refund and did our research a LOT more. There enters our City Mini into our lives.

Love: Handling (even 360′ is a breeze!), fantastic for entering or disembarking public transport (it seems a little longer than most buggies making the steep steps a breeze), peekaboo windows on top, ridiculously easy one handed fold system, smooth suspension, easy to steer with one hand, perfect breaks, super long hood to protect Baba from all of the elements, etc….

Dislike: Only that the accessories are costly. We ended up buying a Mothercare brand footmuff for only 20 euro on sale and it fits and looks perfect. The Jogger footmuff was around £50! A cup holder will set you back 20-40! Again – Mothercare to the rescue with their universal cup holder for a 5er! Baby is only ever in a forward facing position so I do miss our little chats while we walk but I can still peek in at her while out and about so not so bad.

Overall, especially considering the price point, it’s a winner of a pushchair.

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