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Slumbersac – Sleeping Bags with Feet

We had a problem!

Master BB was nearly 5 years of age. However, he was still in a cot. He loved his cot. He never tried to climb out of it. He has lots of room still. Above all, it was safe. It was a great place for him to sleep.
However, he was about to have his 5th Birthday! He was going to start soon at BIG school and we had visions of Master BB still being in a cot for years to come.
However, Master BB could only move to a big boys bed if he could be kept safe.
His Occupational Therapist came and assessed the room and suggested changes. We bought a bed guard, and we decided the time really had come to convert the cot into a toddler bed.
Master BB liked being cosy in a sleeping bag at night. But his toddler sleeping bag had no leg holes and we had visions of him stumbling around his room and falling. So the sleeping bag had to go.
Master BB did not like this. He wriggled. He threw his covers off him. He woke in the night. We put him back in his sleeping bag, but we were concerned for his safety.

At this point an e-mail dropped into my inbox advertising the Slumbersac. There are several sorts of Slumbersac. There are winter ones, and summer ones. There are Slumbersacs with feet, and some with enclosed bottoms. There are also travel Slumbersacs, which we love for ease of transfer when travelling late at night. The e-mail asked if we would like to review one. To be honest, we don’t usually review anything other than pushchairs and car seats. However, having the opportunity to try a Slumbersac with feet that was ACTUALLY big enough for our now 5 year old, we jumped at the chance!! We hoped that it would resolve Master BB’s unsettled sleep.

We chose the rather cute owl design which we felt was suitable for either a girl or a boy. We were not sure which size to go for, but we received a Size 4: 110cm Age 3-4 year Slumbersac, which turned out to be plenty big enough. LOADS of room for growth!

The Slumbersac arrived as we were packing to go on holiday. We decided to put it in our suitcase so that we could take photos and start the review. At our destination Master BB snuggled straight up into his bunk bed. However he wriggled, and tossed, and turned, and hung out of bed, and eventually his little face was peering round the corner at me. Laying aside all thoughts of perfect photos for the review, I ripped open the packaging, took a few quick photos, and took it into Master BB. His face lit up with delight when he saw he had a new sleeping bag! He put it on quickly. He seemed quite intrigued at the holes for his feet, but he lay down in his bed, and I am not joking when I say, he was asleep in under 5 minutes!! WOW!!

The next morning, the Slumbersac came into its own, as Master BB toddled his way into my bedroom, and did not slip over on the wooden floors! Having feet in the Slumbersac was genius!

We used the Slumbersac every night from then on. This familiar product signals clearly that it is bed time for Master BB. Master BB will sign “sleep” as soon as he gets into his Slumbersac, and off he toddles to bed! Having the foot holes means he can be independent when going to bed – very important with a heavy 5 year old as we can’t carry him very far!! Master BB loves his Slumbersac. He sleeps brilliantly in it – no more restlessness or wriggling.
The footholes mean that we have no worries over safety, especially now that he is in a toddler bed. In the morning Master BB can get out of bed himself, and toddle around his bedroom and play, and we do not need to worry that he will trip and fall, like we did with his enclosed old sleeping bag.

Our only negative to the Slumbersac, compared to his old sleeping bag, is that the zip ends under Master BB’s chin. This means that he can undo the Slumbersac and get out of it. Great for independence, but not so much fun if he has a rather full nappy first thing!! We would prefer the zip to start at the top, and end low down, and for the zip to be hidden behind a flap, like the other brand one did.

We have washed the Slumbersac lots, and it still looks like new. It is soft and snuggly, and we all love it!

Thank you Slumbersac for sending us this sleeping bag with feet. Having the Slumbersac has helped cement a new bedtime routine which we needed for the transition to Master BB’s big boy bed! A brilliant product, and a great solution for a toddler.

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