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Egg Stroller Review by Best Buggy

Best Buggy were fortunate enough to first see the Egg Stroller at the start of 2015. We were excited at this new luxury stroller and it was a joy to explore.
We have had an Egg Stroller here at BBHQ for some months now, and it has been thoroughly tried out here at Best Buggy HQ.

First Impressions

The first impression of the Egg Stroller is of the beautiful curved shapes – the curve of the egg shell shaped seat; the curves of the chassis; the beautiful scalloped shape of the hood; and the curve of the carrycot apron. We just LOVE putting on the carrycot apron and standing back and admiring the way it stands proud and rounded above the baby.
The fabrics are beautiful – refined and soft. The Egg chassis and handlebar is chunky and sturdy with quality non-puncture wheels. It is the way the Egg is executed which really makes the good first impression. There is real attention to detail, whether it is the fabrics, the shapes, the stitching, the lined hood, the zips, buckle or the logos. This is a pushchair which exudes luxury before you even get up close!

The Egg Stroller is not simply a single pushchair, but it can also be turned into a tandem with the addition of second seat adaptors and a second seat or carrycot. The Egg Stroller can easily accommodate siblings or newborn twins in various modes. This review is going to look at the Egg Stroller in single mode.

Child Comfort, Seating Positions and Harness

The chassis can be used in conjunction with the carrycot from birth until six months old at which point the baby can move into the pushchair seat. The Egg stroller seat is large with good depth and height. The seat is covered in a soft satin feel fabric which really gives the pushchair the luxury feel. A seat liner in a colour of your choice is included with the stroller.

One of the best and most delicious parts of the Egg stroller, is the one handed, lever recline. It is SO smooth, and SO silent and just absolutely beautiful to use. Seriously, we could coo over the recline all day. Even with our heavy nearly 5 year old on board, it was absolutely effortless to recline him. Anyone who has ever tried to push an older child upright will appreciate this statement. Simply superb! There are three recline positions, upright, semi reclined and horizontal. The seat fitting system is equally as beautiful. It is almost as if there are magnets which draw the seat down to effortlessly dock into position on the chassis, with a tiny click. Two small buttons release the seat, so that it can be easily fitted forward or parent facing.

The seat has an adjustable footrest which can be moved up or down depending on the child’s age. There is only a tiny ledge on the edge of the footrest for little feet to rest. Master BB, being taller, could reach and put his feet on the front edge of the basket, which worked well for him. Thus we moved the leg rest back, out of the way for him. The fabric at the base of the footrest is wipe clean.
One of the best features of the whole pushchair is the secret storage space hidden in the footrest. The front of the footrest can be lifted up from a magnetic clasp, to reveal a space behind that is big enough to store a neatly folded raincover or valuables. On one outing we needed passports for ID, and it was the perfect place to keep them safe in public for the rest of the day. We also used the space to store my purse, phone and car keys inside.

The harness has 3 shoulder height positions which can easily be adjusted to accommodate a small or larger child. There are large padded harness pads, and a generous sized crotch pad. We have found that the harness pads are a little too chunky for our testers, both small and large. We also found that they fell off easily, and we ended up having to remove them which was a disappointment. The harness itself disconnects at shoulder height to enable easy fitting of the liner, however a smart child could well worth out how to escape via these fittings before they manage to undo the main harness buckle. The harness buckle is one of my favourite parts of the egg stroller. This beautiful egg shaped buckle allows the two parts of the harness to jigsaw together inside. There is no option to split the harness into 5 pieces which we like. The harness webbing is thick and satiny. However, it does remind us of car seat belt webbing.

Hood and Bumper Bar

The hood has a beautiful shape to it. The elegant piping draws your eye along the curve and then down the rear of the pushchairs. The hood is lined inside to keep a child warm inside and will slide up the chassis to afford an older child more head room. We love the ‘egg’ label on the hood, but it niggles us that the writing is upside down, and facing the opposite way from the writing on the chassis, when the hood is pushed back! The hood is silent when opening and closing. The hood can also slide up and down the chassis to allow extra space for a child as they grow. Master BB, aged 5, 105 cm tall, fits under the rim of the Egg hood.

The bumper bar is bliss! It is covered in stitched leatherette and is beautifully embossed with ‘egg’ in the centre. A small button underneath the bumper bar on each side disconnects the bumper and allows it to swings away to assist with getting a child in and out. Above the bumper bar are two tiny protruding pieces of plastic. These are to hold the harness straps on each side to ensure that there is clear access to put the child into the seat. There is no need to be hunting underneath and around the child to find the harness! A small but very useful detail.


The carrycot echoes the egg theme perfectly with its egg shaped curved frame and the beautifully formed convex apron. How this stays so beautifully shaped has boggled us for months, but it does look superb. We love how the piping on the sides of the carrycot, lines up perfectly with the lines on the apron. The apron unzips at the sides. The fabrics used are the same soft fabrics as the pushchair. The carrycot is lined inside. The hood again has the lovely scalloped shape ending with a leatherette handle in the centre of the hood. The hood fabric zips up either side of the padded handlebar and here we see the attention to detail in the two exquisite Egg zip pulls. The zips allow for the hood fabric to me removed from the handlebar, so that the baby can see out, or to give ventilation without lowering the handle. The handle / hood is lowered by pressing in the white buttons on either side of the hood, and then pushing the hood backwards. The carrycot comes with a mattress and is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping.


The Egg has surprisingly generous mesh basket. However at first glance the rear looks a little unfinished. However there is a reason for this because the Egg Stroller can turn into a tandem for two children, and so the lower seat or carrycot need to be able to fit onto the chassis. The basket is elasticated, and you can fit a lot into it from the rear and the sides. In tandem mode, there is still sufficient space to put the Egg changing bag into the basket even with the lower seat or carrycot on.

There is also secret hidden storage! The footrest conceals a hidden storage compartment. The Egg Stroller raincover fits really neatly into this space (if folded up well), however, we have found it a brilliant place to hide valuables such as a purse, phone, keys or even a passport! We found that it felt safe to leave things in here hidden when out and about.

Handlebars, Handling, Wheels and Brake

We love the chunky leatherette covered handlebar. However we are less keen on the ‘barrel’ in the centre of the handlebar because this part moves if you naturally push in the middle of the handlebar. We found ourselves ‘playing’ with the barrel and it became irritating. We are also not keen on the grey markings on this barrel as it spoils what is otherwise a beautiful handlebar. We understand all grey parts are action parts, however, we would happily colour code everything to match the pushchair chassis. We would still know what to do!
The handlebar extends telescopically to a large height. The official measurements are 94cms to 105cms which is a large range with five height settings. Therefore, a parent should be able to find a height which is comfortable for them.

The Egg is absolutely superb to push. It is smooth and solid. It has great suspension. We had no problems getting even heavy Master BB up a kerb. The wheels are ‘Tru-Ride’ technology which mean they are solid rubber wheels but with some bounce! Lovely! The wheels can all be easily removed, however they are very heavy so watch your toes as you release the front wheels as they do drop out! The front wheels are lockable / swivel wheels. This action can be done by clicking the grey button above the wheel housing to lock and unlock them.

The brake is fantastic. Simply press on to apply and press on the top again to disengage! No hurty toes here!

The Egg is narrow and neat. It seems to have fitted in everywhere that we have travelled. At 59cm wide it will fit into most small spaces. We took it through one notoriously tight space, where other pushchairs get stuck, with ease.


The fold is very neat – literally! The Egg chassis disappears into a tiny package which should fit in most car boots.
The fold is a two part, multi-stage fold, although it is very quick. All working parts on the Egg Stroller are a light grey colour which makes them easy to spot.
First the seat unit needs to be removed by pressing the two grey buttons on either side of the seat, and lifting the seat away. Next the handlebar has to be lowered to the lowest position. This is done by rotating the central barrel on the handlebar away from you, towards the front of the pushchair. Once the handlebar is down, you can immediately rotate the barrel backwards towards you. This ‘breaks’ the handlebar from the chassis, so that the handlebar can be gently lowered towards the ground. We would advise putting your foot underneath the handlebar at this point to protect it, whilst you quickly grab the carrying shoulder strap which is clipped onto either side of the basket. Push the chassis together and there is a manual lock which can be engaged once the front wheels are lined up. This all sounds more complicated than it actually is! The lock could be a little more robust as we could see this getting easily bent.

The chassis will freestand once folded. The seat needs storing separately. Although the seat is curved, it is not rigid, and so will nest neatly inside the chassis in the boot of the car. We stand the seat up behind the chassis here at BBHQ.

At 13.5 kg the Egg is not the lightest pushchair, however the two part fold makes carrying the Egg Stroller easy. The chassis slings over one shoulder using the fantastic carrying strap; whilst the seat can be tucked under one arm using the bumper bar. This still leaves a hand free to hold onto a child.

Opening the Egg Stroller is simple. Hold the chassis by the shoulder strap. Unlock the chassis lock. Then allow the wheels to slide open whilst lifting the handlebar up until the chassis clicks open. Simply drop the seat or carrycot into position in the centre of the chassis.

Accessories and Travel System Options

The Egg Stroller comes with an apron, raincover, mosquito net and a seat liner of your choice. The seat liners come in chilli red, citrus lemon, deep purple, key lime, kingfisher blue, steel grey and jet black. The liners are a beautiful silky luxury material with ‘egg’ embossed at the top, and the egg shape at the bottom. The apron can be slipped on and off easily and secured over the top of the bumper using hidden magnets. Our baby tester’s mum found it tricky to pull the apron over the bumper bar enough for it to attach. However when we mentioned this to the lovely people at Egg, they have looked at their apron’s and had no problem fitting them. Having the apron would save purchasing a footmuff for the Egg. It would be easy to use blankets to keep your little one warm and snuggly. The raincover can be stored in the footrest. It is easy to fit and use. Just remember to dry it before you stash it away again!

Egg have paired up with Kiddy to create their own infant carrier for the Egg. The Egg shaped Kiddy Evo-lunafix was the perfect baby car seat to pair together with this pushchair. The Egg Evo-lunafix has a pale silver grey outer shell and a black interior. It requires car seat adaptors to fit onto the Egg chassis. The Egg Evo-lunafix has the huge advantage of being a lie-flat infant carrier, which means that the health risks associated with a typical upright infant carrier are removed if the seat is used in the lie flat position. The Egg Evo-lunafix can be laid flat both inside the car (when used with the Isofix base), and when on the Egg chassis.
The Egg car seat adaptors will also fit a Maxi-Cosi Pebble or Cabriofix; a BeSafe iZi Go; a Cybex Aton or a Recaro infant carrier.

We want to give a quick mention to the Egg changing bag. The Egg changing bag is one of the most beautiful changing bags we have seen. The Egg logo on the front above the fastener is a great detail. We love the pockets and it really is stunning!

In Conclusion

The Egg Stroller is a high end, luxury pushchair. The beauty of the Egg Stroller is in the rounded shapes and fine fabrics. The chassis is solid and sturdy chassis. The functionality is brilliant, and a special mention has to go to the easy seat removal / fitting and the smooth recline. The Egg is easy to push and manoeuvere. Above all, the curved shapes of the aprons and hood are to applauded! We have no idea how this is achieved, but these really make the Egg stand out in the pushchair market. There are a few small details which we think could be addressed, but they are aesthetic rather than functional, and are therefore subjective.
A large selling point for the Egg Stroller is that it can easily be converted into a tandem pushchair – a tandem with style! All the extras such as the apron, raincover, mosquito net and seat liner all make the Egg Stroller value for money. We have awarded the Egg Stroller a well deserved Best Buggy 5 gold star rating.

With thanks to Egg for helping us with this review.


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