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Babyzen Zen

This photoset is of the Babyzen Zen.

The Babyzen Zen arrives as the chassis and fabric pack, and needs simple assembly before use.

We have included photos of the Zen pushchair and with the optional Yoya carrycot, and car seat adaptors. The seat fabric needs to be removed from the chassis to be able to fit on the Yoga carrycot. This is fairly quick and easy to do.

The Zen has been updated from the previous Babyzen that we reviewed. However, the modifications are minor.

There has been the addition of the smiley face to assist with the perfect place to fold the pushchair. The photos with the “CHAUDEURGE DESIGN” square grid on, show the location of the power button – cleverly incorporated into the Babyzen logo below. This is situated right underneath the pushchair.

We will explain exactly how the Babyzen Zen works in our full Best Buggy Review here.


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