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Cybex Agis M-Air 4 / M-Air 3 and Cybex Eternis M4 / M3 Review by Best Buggy

Last year Cybex introduced a myriad of new pushchairs. There were so many that at first glance it seemed confusing. However, let us demystify some of these before we begin.

There are essentially just 4 “M” mid – range city pushchairs – the Balios, the Iris, the Eternis and the Agis.
These can be paired up:
The Balios and Iris are both pushchairs with reversible seats, and carrycot options. The only real difference is the wheel size. The wheels are slightly larger on the Balios.
The Eternis and Agis are nearly identical, but again, the difference is the wheel size. The wheels are 16cm front, and 24cm rear on the Agis M-Air 4. The wheels are 20cm front, and 29cm rear on the Eternis M4. The Eternis wheels are slightly more hard wearing.
These two pushchairs have forward facing seats only. There is a 3 wheel or 4 wheel version of each i.e. the M-Air 3 / M3 or the M-Air 4 / M4.
All of these pushchairs can be used as a travel system with included car seat adaptors.

We have both a Cybex Agis M-Air 4 and an Eternis M4 here to review at Best Buggy HQ. These pushchairs are very alike – the wheel size is the only difference, which also gives a slight weight differential – but overall the seats and functionality is the same. Thus we are going to write this joint review for both pushchairs.

Both the Cybex Agis M-Air 4 and the Cybex Eternis M4 are very stylish looking strollers with excellent quality fabrics and a large seat! We were excited to take a closer look at both of these to see if they are as good to use, as they look.

First Impressions

The boxes of the Agis and Etermis are tiny! Both pushchairs both fold in half really neatly, especially with the wheels popped off. These are definitely pushchairs for small storage spaces.

On opening the box we were happy to see that construction was limited to clicking on the wheels attaching the hood and bumper bar and you are ready to go!

The pushchairs both immediately felt lovely quality. The fabrics are strong canvas like and feel well finished. We had the red in both pushchairs, and it is a gorgeous colour, although be warned it is more deep orange than pillar box red. It was a tad disappointing to be honest. There is a large shopping basket with a lovely comfortable seat which is very spacious.

Child Comfort

The Agis & Eternis both have gorgeous seats! The seats are extremely roomy. In fact it was the surprisingly huge size of the seat which first led us to take a closer look at these pushchairs. The seats are well padded and the fabrics are lovely to touch. The fabrics are integrated into the side of the frame which gives a really stylish, smart finish. The fabrics wipe clean really nicely but can be removed for washing.

The seats are suitable for use from birth. Our 10mth old sat really nicely in the Agis and napped comfortably in the wide lay flat seat, however, we would probably suggest using a cocoon or baby nest for a baby as they seat is large, or consider getting the compatible carrycot. Our two nearly 6 year old’s both sat in the strollers and the seat was comfortable for them. Just look how Master BB has his legs folded on the seat – a true sign of a comfy pushchair. Our 7 year old had no complaints either! The Agis and Eternis are definitely strollers that could see you through your pushchair days.

Although the Agis and Eternis do not have an adjustable leg rest, the children’s legs are supported all the way down to their feet. Our our littlest 10 month old tester slept well in it, and the hood offers great protection from the elements! These four wheeled pushchairs have a very broad footrest, however their 3 wheeled siblings do have much smaller spaces for little feet to rest.

The seat has a toggle recline system meaning you can have your child sat or reclined, anywhere from nearly upright to almost totally flat. We like a toggle recline as we find it easier to lower a dozing child into a sleeping position smoothly. It is also easy enough to sit the child back up.

There is a leatherette bumper bar on the Agis and the Eternis, which we love. The bumper bar is gate opening and it looks very stylish as well as being practical. Our little one loved to hold it and surprisingly for us, we haven’t removed the bumper bar for our bigger child because it is so easy to open and close. We find it reassuring in a forward facing pushchair to have that bumper as a little extra protection.

Hood & Harness

The hoods on the Agis and the Eternis are huge! Initially the hood is a decent size, but then you can open a zip to reveal another mesh panel to extend it even further. This was also useful to use as a viewing window to check on our little one. It offers brilliant coverage for a sleeping child. The hood also can slide up and down the pushchair frame meaning you can raise it for greater head clearance on taller children, and lower it to provide better shelter for a smaller child.

The harness adjusts really well and snugly, and is a 5 point harness, we love that it does not break apart. It really is easy to adjust, no broken fingernails and huffing and puffing required! The shoulder height is adjusted by moving it up and down on the webbing on the seat  - so no rethreading through the back. This makes it very easy to adjust between children of different heights, so if two siblings of different age are using the stroller this would be a handy feature! The buckle is sturdy and we like the Cybex logo in the centre. Press in the centre and the two shoulder / waist straps pop out. There is no 5 point break away harness which is great news! The harness webbing is good quality. The harness has lovely shoulder strap pads that popped into place stopping them from sliding around. Brilliant! We haven’t lost one yet!


The handle bar of the Agis and Eternis is gorgeous! It is dense foam and feels lovely in your hand, just the right width. Unusually for this type of pushchair, the handlebar is also telescopically adjustable from very low to very tall! There are four height settings in total. There is a squeeze button in the centre of the handle bar to adjust it, and is very simple to do. It is one of the most comfortable and best adjusting handlebars we have used.

Chassis, Wheels, Handling & Brake

The chassis of the two pushchairs are black and the wheels are black and white. This makes for very eye catching, quality and classy pushchairs.  We had lots of comments about the look of the Agis on the school run and it certainly stands out. These pushchairs are lovely to push, and feel sturdy.
As discussed at the beginning the main difference between these pushchairs are the wheels. Small city wheels for the Agis, and larger more robust wheels for the Eternis. Whilst the Agis is light and lovely to push sometimes the width at the front makes turning it feel a little clumsy. It is effortless but it does feel as though it takes a moment to get the wheels going in the direction you require. We have had no issues with the Eternis. The steering and handling is great even with a large child on board. Out of the two, we probably prefer the larger wheels and handling on the Eternis, but there isn’t much in it!
The front wheels can lock straight giving it a better push over rougher terrain. Both pushchairs have all round suspension.

There is a flick on and off foot brake, which is located on  the right hand side it locks on well and felt really secure.


The basket on the Agis and on the Etenis is potentially brilliant, it is huge and has high enclosed sides which prevent anything falling out. However access to the basket is very poor. We struggled to even fit a pod from our Pacapod changing bag through the opening. It is such a shame as the basket space is there, it is just very hard to access. It would be perfect if it had a better opening. We have had to think very carefully about how to pack for outings, which usually meant taking lots of smaller lunch bags, rather than one bigger one. It really is a shame because it is the only real negative about this pushchair, but it is also a significant one. If you can circumnavigate this issue with good packing, then great!

There is no other storage on these pushchairs, so the lack of access to the basket would make it one we wouldn’t necessarily grab if you are hoping to fit lots of shopping bags, picnic bags etc underneath. A pocket on the rear of the hood or seat would have been very handy.

Travel System

The Cybex Agis and Eternis can also be used as a travel system and comes with adaptors in the box for a Maxi-Cosi / Cybex carseat. It is brilliant that Cybex include these in the box and they proved handy on a quick school run. The adaptors slot into the same bracket as the bumper bar. It is possible to add a Cybex carrycot to the Agis strollers.

Fold / Unfold

The Agis and Eternis fold is the same and is brilliantly easy. There are two straps in the base / crease of the seat – one in the centre, and one to one side. Pull both the straps on the seat upwards and it folds swiftly and neatly in half and has an auto lock. With the handle at its lowest it is incredibly neat folded and removing the bumper bar can make the fold much narrower still. The bumper bar is handy for carrying the pushchair too.

To open you simply release the auto lock on the side and lift the handle up, and flick open until it clicks into the open position. The Agis is a firm favourite here for ease of use for the Grandparents, and the Eternis with Mr BB when he goes on the train. He can slide the Eternis between the seats. The wheels can all easily be removed for storage if necessary.

At this point it is also worth noting that no raincover comes with these pushchairs.


The Agis and Eternis are both gorgeous, classic looking strollers. They have an absolutely huge comfortable seat,  a lovely hood, and travel system capabilities. The fabrics, handlebar and bumper bar all feel luxurious and we like the bold colour. We love the push, we love the ease of use. They have both been a pleasure to use and we have found ourselves choosing these for many outings. It is a shame that the basket is so hard to access, as if that was better it would be very near our perfect pushchair! However, the basket is still large, and this is not enough to let these pushchairs down. We have awarded the Cybex Agis M-Air 4 and the Eternis M4 both a Best Buggy 5 gold star rating. The Eternis is staying here at BBHQ long term, which is very high praise indeed. We would highly recommend these pushchairs for anyone who has an older child who needs a pushchair. We will find a solution to the storage issues, and we will enjoy this pushchair hopefully for some time to come.
We have not tested the 3 wheel versions, however, we believe that much of our review will apply to these pushchairs too. After our positive experiences with the Agis M-Air 4 and the Eternis M4, we are now are highly tempted to review the reversible seat Balios M or Iris M-Air next!

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