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Omnio Stroller at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2016

Last year we saw the prototype of the Omnio Stroller. In the last year Omnio have been working exceedingly hard to refine their designs and model, and to raise the funding to pay for production. So it was an absolute delight to see Omnio again at the Harrogate Nursery Fair. It was great to catch up, look at the final design, and to have a better play at this truly innovative tiny folding stroller.

The Omnio now has three colours – red, green and black. The design has been fine tuned. There is an amazing harness system that will keep any child safe and secure. The seat is well padded. There is an extending handlebar and we love how the Omnio Stroller rests on it’s mud guards when stored – no muddy carpets after a long walk!

The tiny fold is 41 x 53 x 28cm which makes it just 3cms too deep for official IATA hand luggage guidelines (45 x 56 x 25cm). However, the Omnio Stroller has made it on board an aircraft in the overhead locker. The only question was about where the child was!!! So that is good news for travellers.

The Omnio is unique in many ways. But what is especially unique are the wheels which are bi-directional. They rotate forwards and backwards, but also roll sideways. We did give the Omnio Stroller a push around, and the bi-directional wheels are so useful when cornering or pulling the pushchair backwards. It is incredibly light to push.

The seat looked huge, so we were exceedingly cheeky and asked if Little Miss BB could get on board. Bearing in mind that she is 7 and a half years old, and 123 cm tall, she fitted into the seat beautifully with room to spare! WOW! Simply WOW! There are not many pushchairs that she can get into these days. This could be a really really handy pushchair for those who need a pushchair for longer than is typical.

Everyone looked really comfortable wearing the Omnio on their backs. Apparently the stall holders keep forgetting they are wearing it, and wandering off with the pushchair on their backs. Mr BB had a go, and said it was comfortable.

It is great to see that Omnio have considered, and indeed are encouraging storage options on the stroller. These have been refined, and there is a nifty changing bag, thermal bottle holder and storage bag.

All round we were highly impressed. We know that the Omnio team have worked exceptionally hard this year, and it really shows! We can’t wait to see the final production model later this year!

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