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Thank You Pink Lining!

There is one bag which goes with us everywhere….more precisely, it goes everywhere with Little Miss BB. This is her medical bag. You will be able to spot it in nearly any set of photos that we have taken here on Best Buggy in the last few years.

Little Miss BB has Type 1 Diabetes. She is on an insulin pump which is permanently attached to her around her waist. She also has a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) on her arm at all times. However, she also needs a lot of kit. She has handsets for the insulin pump and CGM. She has a ketone monitor. There are also various snacks, sweets, glucose tablets, testing strips, spare insulin and wipes. She also has her Nightscout XDrip and uploader phone which picks up transmissions from the CGM and relays the readings via the internet to Pebble watches worn by herself, the TA and her parents at home. This means we can monitor Little Miss BB’s blood sugars from anywhere in the world without being with her. There is also a home-school diary and a pen which travels with her. All round there is a lot of kit.

Little Miss BB carries all this kit in a Pink Lining ‘Little Lady’ bag. However, the bag was getting worn and grubby. After all, this bag has had some serious stick being put on and off the floor / tables / grass / into the car / to school, Brownies, dance, swimming and back many times a day, and yet it has been hard wearing to last over a year of every day use.

So I promised Little Miss BB that we could have a look on the Pink Lining stand at The Harrogate Nursery Fair, and see if they had any new designs for her to choose a new bag from. However, when we explained to the lovely people on the Pink Lining stand all about our bag, they very kindly offered to see what they could do.

Little Miss BB was absolutely thrilled to receive a beautifully wrapped pink parcel from Pink Lining. She was delighted to find a replacement ‘Little Lady’ bag inside. She tipped it all out immediately, and repacked it.

Thank you very, very much Pink Lining! You made one little girly smile with happiness. We are very grateful to you, and appreciate your kindness.

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