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Babyzen YoYo+ v’s GB QBit v’s Baby Jogger City Tour v’s Baby Jogger City Mini Zip v’s Babystyle Oyster Zero

These photos are of 5 small folding pushchairs. They were lined up in rough order of fold size.

Left to Right they are:
The Babyzen YoYo+; the Good Baby (GB) Qbit; the Baby Jogger City Tour; the Baby Jogger City Mini Zip and finally the Babystyle Oyster Zero.

The Babystyle Oyster Zero is really the odd one out of this group because for us the City Mini Zip sits at the border between a superlight weight small folding pushchair, and a ‘proper’ pushchair. However, we wanted to show that there isn’t much difference in fold size, or weight between what is considered an extra small folding pushchair, and a full sized pushchair. Interestingly, the footprint of the Oyster Zero seems much smaller than some of the other pushchairs. The weight of the Oyster Zero is very similar to the City Mini Zip.

Note, that although the handlebars all appear to be different heights,  look also at the length of these pushchairs and the overall footprint and lean backwards on them. A long pushchair does not mean the seat is not upright though. All these pushchairs have upright seats. All of them have a toggle recline.

These comparisons are designed simply to show the size differences of these pushchairs. All the statistics, weights, seat sizes etc. are on Best Buggy. Try a “Side by Side Comparison”.

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