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Disney by Easywalker Buggies!

Easywalker have joined together with Disney to create buggies with the iconic Mickey Mouse design. These will be introduced to the market early in 2017.

As with the previous MINI buggies, the new Easywalker Disney Buggies will have a high quality feel with a sturdy chassis; leatherette handles and comfortable padded seats.

There will be initially four designs: Disney by Easywalker Mickey Ornament; Disney by Easywalker Mickey Diamond; Disney by Easywalker Mickey Micro; and Disney by Easywalker Mickey Original.

The Disney by Easywalker Mickey Ornament has been inspired by silk scarves from the 1950′s which often featured flowers, small patterns and borders:

The Disney by Easywalker Mickey Diamond takes the classic Mickey mouse face central on the buggy hood. The harness pad has the Mickey face on it too:

The Disney by Easywalker Mickey Micro has a micro pattern designed from the silhouette of Mickey Mouse. The pattern on the inside is almost the same as the outside, however it also shows Mickey’s friendly face to keep your child company as you stroll along:

Finally, the Disney by Easywalker Mickey Original Buggy takes a denim canvas fabric and shows a subtle posing Mickey Mouse complete with white gloves. The words ‘peace’, ‘play’, ‘friendship’ and ‘happiness’ make Mickey a friend for your child to grow up with:

We look forward to seeing these designs here in the UK in 2017. Which one is your favourite?

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