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EXCLUSIVE First Look at the Mee-Go Milano

Best Buggy were invited to have the EXCLUSIVE first look at the stunning Mee-Go Milano at their HQ ahead of its debut at the Kind & Jugend trade show in Cologne.

The Mee-Go Milano is a very traditional looking pram with a spacious pushchair seat. However, there are modern twists.
The Milano comes on a choice of two chassis – the Classic or the Sport. Both pushchairs have the same beautifully styled carrycot body and large pushchair seat. The Milano also comes with a beautiful changing bag; a matching car seat; pushchair and carrycot aprons; a seat liner and handmuffs.
The Sport has large rear air tyres, with lockable / swivel front wheels. The basket is an enclosed fabric one. There are photos and more information about the Sport chassis here.
The chassis is extremely light having been made from a rare alloy used only in one other brand of pushchair. (Classic chassis – 7kg; Sport chassis – 6.2kg with the carrycot and seat unit being 5.6kg and 5.3kg respectively.)

The photos above are of the Milano Classic. The Mee-Go Milano Classic lives up to its name as a proper classic pram. It has a super sprung bouncy chassis; 4 huge air tyres; and a traditional metal pram basket. These photos are of the final prototype. There will be some minor changes done before launch.

The Milano Pram

The Milano has a stunning shape to it in pram mode. The massive 7 panel hood sits protectively over the carrycot, whilst the beautiful curve is continued round and under the carrycot base. The Milano Classic in our photos is Lily White with a gloss black chassis. The fabrics are supersoft leatherette, but there are other textile options available too. The carrycot base surprisingly is a hard, solid one which is very refreshing to find. The base is wipe clean so should always look great. The carrycot base is also ventilated which makes this carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping.

The carrycot is huge and has a secret! The base can be lifted up to one of many positions. There are not many carrycots which have a multi-positional base, and those that we know of need you to fiddle around underneath the baby and mattress to lie them up or down. The Milano carrycot has a large screw mechanism which is accessed underneath the base, thus you simply need to put your hand underneath to wind the backrest up or down into the perfect position. Great for babies who have reflux, or for older babies who simply want to be sat upright when awake. The carrycot base has D rings to attach a harness. We would recommend that you do this if you little one likes to sit up. On top is a mattress which is covered in spotty fabric. We love how the same fabric design is echoed in the hood lining, on the changing mat, and in several other places. Great attention to detail.

The Milano carrycot has inbuilt adaptors which fold up flat underneath the base when not in use. These allow the carrycot to click easily to the chassis. Although the carrycot is curved, there are inbuilt feet underneath to rest the carrycot on the floor.

The Milano carrycot hood incorporates an integrated carrying handle. On this Lily White version, the handle is also white leatherette. The hood needs to be upright to lift and carry the carrycot, but then the hood can be folded right back to see the baby. The carrycot apron fits well around the foot area, and poppers neatly onto the side of the carrycot. There are few carrycots which look as beautiful as the Milano – the hood and lines are simply stunning.

The Milano Pushchair

The pushchair seat is a very spacious seat that will easily last a child to the end of their pushchair days.
The 5 point harness is adjustable for a small or large child. The seat has a leatherette covered swing away bumper bar. This also has a thick crotch strap – something rarely seen on modern pushchair, but is something that is very handy to have with a wriggly or older child. The crotch strap can be un-poppered at the front to allow access. We assume the strap can be removed completely too if the bumper bar is removed.

The seat has a U shaped handle on the rear which is used to recline the seat from upright to fully flat. There is an excellent leg rest which can be lifted up to give little legs some support. This has a lock at the side to lift and release.
A soft fleece liner is included to add warmth in winter and to protect the fabric. This can easily be removed.

The front of the hood boasts a stiff visor which can be tucked inside the rim of the hood if not needed. The visor can also be unzipped and removed for a flatter fold, and also to push the hood fully back.
There is also a zip out section to the hood to allow for ventilation and for viewing a child. The rear can be unzipped too if necessary.

The seat unit comes with an oversized apron to keep a child cosy and protected in winter. It would save having to buy a footmuff as additional blankets can be placed over the child underneath if necessary. However, the apron may be too large for a toddler who may struggle to see out over the front. It is held in place over the footrest by a popper on each side which an older child may easily kick it off. A regular footmuff could be added instead if necessary. Mee-Go make some excellent long footmuffs which are very reasonable cost for their quality.

Handlebar, Brake, Storage, Wheels

The handlebar is hand stitched leatherette. This may be one colour or there is a two tone effect on the Heritage Blue Sport chassis model. The multipositional handlebar ranges from low to high, so noone with a long stride will kick the rear of the pushchair.

The brake is a large flick on / off pedal situated in the centre of the back axle.

The baskets differ on each model. On the Classic, the basket is a traditional wire mesh structure which has masses of space for everything and the kitchen sink; the Sports basket is a smaller fabric basket with a lid to keep everything secure and protected inside.
The suspension on the Classic is amazing – super sprung! This is a proper traditional coach built style of pram but in 2016.

It is impossible to not notice the huge dinner plate sized wheels. Both chassis’ have quick release air tyres. On the Classic (at least), these are low profile and are lined to reduce the risk of punctures. The Classic tyres are fixed, whereas the Sports wheels have lockable / swivel front wheels.
We would always recommend sliming any air tyres before use.

Changing Bag and Accessories

We love the detail that Mee-Go have put into this pushchair. They have included mouldings so that the changing bag can be clipped onto each side of the handlebar, and for a cupholder to clip onto the side. Small details like this show due consideration to what a parent actually needs. There’s nothing more annoying than constantly having to hoik your changing bag up the handlebar, or to hang onto the strap to stop it sliding!

The changing bag and cupholder are included in the box, so there is no need to buy these separately.
The changing bag is a beautiful shape with a top handle; hanging straps, and also a shoulder strap. The front flap lifts up to reveal space for all your baby items. There are two side storage pockets too.
Also included is a changing mat made in the same fabric as the hood lining; a mosquito net, and a raincover.

Travel System

Mee-Go take pride in getting their infant carriers as good as they can get them. The Milano comes with an infant carrier and adaptors included in the package, so that you are ready to travel. The car seat comes with a newborn pack which includes a terry towelling cover over a pad insert which keeps the baby fully flat whilst they are small. There is the option to use a Maxi-Cosi car seat if preferred. The car seat comes with a thick hood and a beautiful apron to match the main pushchair.
There is an optional ISOFIX base available for a reasonable additional charge.


The Mee-Go Milano Classic needs the seat or carrycot removing to fold. The chassis folds easily down to a compact square-ish package. There is a primary red lock and two clips to undo before pushing the handlebar forwards and down. Once folded, take a minute to admire the beautiful diecast aluminum joint on the chassis – a small detail, but beautifully done. The seat also folds flat for storage which is very clever!

Overall First Impressions

We have been very impressed by what we saw of the Mee-Go Milano, although this is still a pre-production model, and we have not road tested it yet. The finish on this pushchair is good, and will be even better in the final production model. There has been good attention to detail whilst incorporating some excellent features.
There is a choice of fabrics and a choice of chassis. This affects the price of the Milano. Prices start at £699 for the Blue & Grey Sports Chassis option and rise to £749 for the Lily White Classic pushchair option pictured above.
We think the Mee-Go Milano is beautiful, and needs seen in real life to appreciate the quality and the finer details. Definitely worth a look!

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